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McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning

4.9 Star Rated Angi Reviews 4.9 Stars - Based on 53 User Reviews
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McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning

Google 4.9 Star Rating Reviews 4.9 Stars - Based on 67 User Reviews
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McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning

4.6 Star Average Rating Yelp 4.6 Stars - Based on 85 User Reviews

I met with 5 companies, was most impressed with McMaster, and am happy I chose them. I don't use heating/AC much, so was looking for a basic replacement system. Ron, the owner, still conducted a thorough assessment, answered all my many questions, recommended solutions to concerns that other companies ignored, followed up with a written proposal to address my needs, and promptly responded to final questions via email and second visit. I was equally impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the office staff, installation/service team, and how I was guided through the HERS efficiency test and city inspection. They made everything very easy and worry-free, and all at a very competitive price. I also plan to sign up for their annual ongoing maintenance program.

Description of Work: Replace 30 yr old heating/AC split system and attic ducts.

Terry R. Via Angi Testimonial

I had a great experience with Ron and his crew. Ron personally showed up and gave me the quote on day1. He seemed very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I got a quote from 4 other companies. Even though Ron's price was not the most competitive I still decided to go with him since they were the only one who also inspected my ducts and told me that I have asbestos. Ron sent a professional crew to take out all the asbestos. Then his team came over with brand new AC and Furnace and installed them in a day. Overall, my experience was very positive and I felt that I'm getting a value for the price I'm paying. If you have questions in your mind, I highly recommend weighing the options ( 1 stage/ 2 stage, heat pump or not? , etc. ) with Ron personally. He's not in the business of just selling a product and leaving you hanging. He gives you his best advice right away. I have recommended Ron to couple of my friends and will continue to do so.

Reza Khamsi Via Google Review

Good company. They installed my a/c few yrs back. Did a great job. They check it for maintenance as needed. Also happy

Steve M Via Google Review

2-Year Update - System was installed two years ago and is still working great. Just had them out for the annual service/tune up and everything is in good shape. Appreciated the great customer service and attention to detail. Thanks again for a great installation.

Ron L., ID, ID Via Yelp Testimonial

The service tech from McMaster was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. I always fear service calls because so many times you feel taken-advantage-of. That was not the case here. I will be keeping their number for future needs!

Description of Work: HVAC unit was not functioning.

Cheryl M. Via Angi Testimonial

McMaster has continuously provided amazing care and service, always going above and beyond expectations.

Thank you to Anthony and Marie for being so genuine and kind during a difficult time. Your gesture was so nice and truly compassionate. Words cannot express.

Kathy Silber Via Google Review

Anthony is a competent, thoughful professional. I highly recommend McMaster. Have used them for years and recently had repairs done.

Lyann Courant Via Google Review

I got my AC and Heating unit through McMaster Heating and Air 2 years ago. Yesterday, my AC unit wouldn't turn on. I sent an email to Ron (the owner) with pictures of the fault showing in the display. He recommended I reset the switch at the main circuit. I did and it worked. I am very happy with the customer service provided by this company on numerous occasions.

Trevor L., Fountain Valley, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Ron and the whole team were great. Fair pricing (we did a new A/C and furnace), and the team did a very clean, professional job of installation. Highly recommend.

Daryl Crone Via Google Review

I was able to get my home warranty insurance cover the cost of some of my heater replacement. I could pick my own company and chose McMaster for the amazing Yelp reviews. The process to get the quote, installation, and permit inspection took awhile (I imagine that the company was busy with fixing ACs), but the project was done. The team delivered great service and I would go with them again if I were forced to replace my AC.

Sherry T., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Mcmaster Heating and Air conditioning service was excellent. They were very professional and knowledgeable at reasonable prices. Inspection was passed very easily. Definitely recommend them.

Debbie B Via Google Review

I worked with Ron and his team. They walked us through different solutions for complex personal health to arrive at a right solution that wasn't overengineered or overpriced. The most detail oriented provider among many we spoke to.

I think we're set for life with our HVAC needs.

Joe Tuan Via Google Review

McMaster was one of three bids I got for installing air-conditioning in my house, which only had heating. McMaster was not the lowest bid; however, I was impressed by their professionalism including attention to detail, workmanship and timeliness. I also was impressed by the fact that they were the only one of the three bidders that used email to provide me a typed estimate. They were on time when they showed up to do the work, did it efficiently and answered all my questions while the work was ongoing. They then walked me through the process by which I needed to get a city inspection done and how I would be able to obtain a rebate from the utilities companies. All this came to pass as I passed the city inspection and obtained the maximum rebate. I was very pleased with McMaster and would definitely recommend them to others.

Description of Work: McMaster installed air-conditioning in my house including the installation of new vents and a furnace.

Rick N. Via Angi Testimonial

Our AC unit went down and I immediately had the company who services our units through a regular maintenance plan give us a quote. The service guy came out and said it would be several thousand dollars to repair and recommended a new unit. The company put a sales guy on the phone who attempted to pressure us into an AC unit that ranged from $15k - $30k! I've owned three homes over the years and replaced AC units in the past I don't recall spending remotely close to $15k for an AC unit. And, I have 5 AC units that eventually need replacing so getting a reasonable price and a quality unit was paramount.

Fortunately, I didn't fall for the high pressure sales tactic and called McMaster to give us a bid. Ron came out quickly and assessed the situation very professionally without a high-pressure sales pitch. He recommended a Carrier unit that was higher quality with more features and half the price than the $15k - $30k quote I got from the other company. We went with Ron and he and his team did a fantastic job installing the unit in about 3 hours.

HIGHLY recommend McMaster - Ron was honest and his price was fair. As my other 4 units go out I expect to replace them with McMaster as he didn't try to gouge me like the other company.

James H., Coto de Caza, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Very professional. Great crew. On time and reliable. Would recommend Ron and his crew for all your AC and heating needs.

No more sleepless nights when we have those brutal heatwaves.

David Epstein Via Google Review

I got five different quotes from local HVAC installers and we chose McMaster based on what we felt was an honest and straightforward approach. No gimmicks or attempts to up sell, just solid advice around get the best and most efficient system for our home. Installation was done exactly as we were told and the team was very clean and tidy. McMaster took care of all the inspections and paperwork needed for different rebate programs that we qualified for and we ended up getting over $3,000 back in rebates, which was more that they had originally estimated. In fact, we had been quoted on a rebate back from Carrier but unfortunately it was miss quoted. Rather than just blame Carrier, we receive a gift certification for the difference from McMaster which really was above & beyond. Overall great experience and would definitely recommend.

Description of Work: Installed new HVAC system in two story home.

Tim H. Via Angi Testimonial

McMaster replaced our old HVAC with a new hybrid (gas furnace/heatpump) system last year and it has been working very well. They are one of the *few* companies that has a very good understanding of the possible combinations of furnaces, heatpumps etc and the fact that it is possible to do a hybrid system (most of the other local HVAC companies I contacted said they wouldn't or couldn't do this). We also had them replace our ducts in our attic, change all the vents/grilles, and re-route one of the ducts in the garage to eliminate one of the vents there. They did an excellent job and the work is very clean. Our garage is a mess and they did as good of a job as anyone could working around the clutter without making more of a mess. Ron went above and beyond with this job and we are very satisfied with his work. The system works great and cools the house down quickly as well as warms it up when needed in the 'colder' months.

His tech, Anthony, is super kind and extremely knowledgeable as well and we were able to figure out how to reconfigure/re-wire the heatpump/furnace and thermostat so that it can more easily be switched between gas and electric heat.

We also had Ron replace the PTAC unit at my in-laws' place in Laguna Woods and they have been happy with it.

I would highly recommend McMaster to anyone else looking for help with a new/replacement HVAC system or service.

Jeremy L., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

James, Anthony, and the crew were polite, professional, and did a outstanding job. The crew was on time, did not take a break until the job was complete. I would recommend McMasters Heating & air for your home.

Description of Work: Installed Heating & Air Conditioning.

Keith B. Via Angi Testimonial

McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning was very professional and performed all work as quoted. We have used them in the past and found them to be very reasonable priced and extremely professional. We originally were looking to add an A/C unit in a specific room but McMaster recommended we replace our attic ducts first (47 year old home and they had never been replaced); they would re-route air flow to solve our cooling problem upstairs. We have been extremely happy since they finished the work and we were able to save money by going with the less expensive solution first. The work crew cleaned up very well, no mess for us to clean up afterwards. Overal my husband and I highly recommend McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning.

Description of Work: Removed and replaced attic ducts

James C. Via Angi Testimonial

I contacted McMaster a few years ago after the company that installed my AC could not discover why my AC randomly turned itself off. They replaced various components that they said was causing the issue, but the problem persisted. Finally the owner of the company told me to call MCMaster and told me that he would pay their invoice if it took care of the problem. Since I had talked my daughter into going with McMaster, I was comfortable calling them. Even though they usually only service their own installations, after hearing of my dilemma and that I had talked my daughter into using them to install her system, they agreed to take a look. Their expert technician, Anthony, did not take long to figure out that the installer had not turned off the motion sensing program on the thermostat. Turning it off did the trick and I have been a loyal customer since then. We have needed trouble shooting every once in a while for other issues, but I attribute that to the original installation. We now subscribe to their annual service plan and feel secure that their servicing is as good as their trouble shooting. I wish we had them install my original system. They may be slightly more expensive than some of their competitors, but their technicians' training and expertise warrant the price. I whole heartedly recommend them.

Krysia F., Santa Ana, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We recently added air conditionning to our home. McMaster did the work as promised and on time and on budget. The people working for McMaster were pleasant and clean. I highly recommend this firm.

Steve H., Los Angeles, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I was impressed with their professionalism through the entire project. When I called to ask for an estimate, the receptionist actually answered the phone and was polite. James came over to my house right on time for the estimate. He gave me good information to help me make my decision. The quote sheet was clear and presented with 3 variations of systems. Once I chose McMaster, 2 technicians came over to perform air load calculations. On the day of the installation, there must of been 4 or 5 different technicians to remove and replace my air conditioner and furnace. The job took about 6 hours. They cleaned up after the job. McMaster pulled the city permit and performed the necessary paperwork to close the permit. During my decision process, I got 3 other quotes from other companies. I am glad I chose McMaster.

Description of Work: McMaster had replaced my 25 year old Air Conditioner and Central Furnace.

Jim M. Via Angi Testimonial

Quick, reliable, on time, professional. Did not try to sell me on additional services or products. I really appreciate that.

Description of Work: Inspected the heater and a/c. Changed heater filter. The heater and a/c unit are in the attic. Not an easy place to reach. The other part of the a/c is on the roof, and was able to reach it no problem. My heater and a/c were functioning fine. I just wanted an inspection since it was a while since anyone had looked at it.

Rene B. Via Angi Testimonial

I hired McMaster to replace my furnaces and AC condensers with Carrier heat pumps and air handlers. I had 3 other HVAC companies bid the job but Ron was by far the most thorough in evaluating the job and explaining the trade-offs between different systems. The McMaster team did an excellent job planning the project before starting any work. For example, days before our scheduled installation Anthony came to check our electrical and plan out how new 240V circuits and low voltage wiring should be run. This good planning led to a smooth and proper installation with no surprises. The installation passed all tests and inspections with no issues.

More importantly, my family has been very happy with our new heat pumps. Not only are we more comfortable with properly sized systems, but our garage and side yard look even nicer than before because of the extremely clean installation by McMaster.

Patrick L., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

This review is a little late, but I wanted to post. I have gone a full year since having MCMaster do my new a/c and heater. The a/c has been a dream in The summer and the heater just as good during our cold Cali winters. I had looked at about 3 other companies and McMaster was the best from start to finish. Fair pricing, professional and friendly team, and very helpful in scheduling city/state inspections. Highly recommend.

Angela P., Aliso Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

The workman arrived promptly and introduced himself. Inquired as to any problems I had been experiencing and went to work. He worked quietly and cleaned up after his inspections as he proceeded. After a discussion of the problems I have had in heating my home and the age and openness of some of the areas, I decided to try his suggestion of a remote thermostat. I would definitely use McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning again. Patricia Richardson

Description of Work: Complete inspection of furnace, check to see that thermostat and heater in sync. Cleaned heater, replaced filter. Checked air condition unit outside of house.

Patricia R. Via Angi Testimonial

We have had the pleasure of working with Christina Dietz and Ron McMaster to have air conditioning installed in our son's home in Laguna Beach. The permitting process in Laguna can be challenging. Christina's patience, kindness and professionalism got us through the process, long distance, with remarkable ease. She and Ron helped us to select the unit that met our needs for cooling, efficiency, and low sound emission from the condenser. They replaced duct work, and installed the unit and air cleaner, which are now treating our son to cool, clean air. He is a newly allergy-free and comfortable happy camper, and we are all delighted. McMaster's pricing was fair and appropriate. We had an excellent experience working with Christina and Ron, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install an air conditioning system.

Julie J., Belvedere Tiburon, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We shopped around and did request quotes from 3 other companies before deciding to have our HVAC system replaced by MacMaster. The price was reasonable and from the very beginning Ron, the owner, was very nice, present and knowledgeable. He came to our house a few times to coordinate and make sure that all of our questions were answered. He really did provide top-notch service and made the whole process incredibly easy and stress-free.

The installation itself was done quickly and efficiently by his staff, and with a lot of attention to details. The quality of the system is excellent and we feel like we did get a great deal without sacrificing quality!

We highly recommend MacMaster for anyone looking for HVAC services. They provide great quality products, competitive pricing, very professional installation and excellent customer service

We wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future!

Djm26 B., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We are very pleased with the service of McMaster Air. This past Tuesday, their technician was on time and serviced both our heating and air conditioning units and replaced our two UV tubes. He was fast, efficient, polite and so helpful, too! We bought our units from McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning and only use them to do our annual service.

Ginger Lorman Via Google Review

McMaster has given us exceptional service. They diagnosed a problem, ordered parts and returned to install them in record time! I will certainly use them again for our HVAC needs. Highly recommend!

Maureen Moran Via Google Review

We just installed a brand new heating and air system with McMaster. Ron, the owner, bid the job. We liked him and his bid came in under the other two companies who had bid the job. The crew, led by Jaime, were clean (drop-clothes and booties the entire time), considerate of our family and especially our dogs, and overall went above and beyond our expectations. They ended up redoing the entire duct system in our attic which was not included in any of the other bids we received. Don't even think about McMaster. Professional, great pricing, quality crew.

C K., Austin, TX Via Yelp Testimonial

I was very happy with the service and price of McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning service. They were very thorough and professional. Definitely recommend them.

D. B., Costa Mesa, CA Via Nextdoor Testimonial

The young man who came out was terrific! On time and went beyond the call of duty. It was supposed to be an inspection for my real estate clients who purchased this home. He cleaned it up a bit, even put in a new filter and did not charge me extra. He was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain things to me. Seemed very honest. Great Service!


Yvonne S. Via Angi Testimonial

McMaster did a complete replacement of our HVAC system. They are an authorized Carrier provider and I wanted Carrier equipment. Their price was great (I got 3 bids) and the service was 5-star. Of the 3 companies I considered McMaster was the only one to discuss options and rebate opportunities. Their price was competitive as well. But my biggest 5-star experience was the installation. The furnace was in the attic and the access was limited. The McMaster crew came in and replaced the whole system in a day. They left the jobsite clean and the new system works great - passed the HERS test and city inspection with flying colors. I can't recommend them highly enough and I'm a persnickety person - so I've been told.

Donald Neal Via Google Review

We used McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning to install a completely new furnace and AC system for our house as well as a split duct AC for our bedroom in 2014. Almost 10 years later, we are still very happy with the install and periodic maintenance service that McMaster has performed over the years. As well, due to the highly-efficient system that McMaster recommended, our electricity bill dropped by half. The quality of the installed work was exceptional and allowed me to get a $3,000 state rebate that was offered at the time. Kudos to Anthony for providing exceptional quality of work and professionalism. I trust this company and their people completely, and will continue to use them going forward!

Corey B., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Our company has used Ron and his team just a couple of times but he has made a customer for life! He is honest, kind, patient and efficient. We know our clients are in good hands when we refer them to McMasters!

Lyndsi J., Orange County, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Yes, 5 stars! Excellent sales and installation. Ron's final quote and the delivered A/C and FAU were exactly what we discussed. Installation was very professional. Total clean up of areas (almost like they hadn't been here!).

Can't wait to see a decrease in my utility bill!

LV E., Anaheim, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I highly recommend McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning. Ron provided reasonable options for me based on the age of my home (100 years) and space for the equipment. He was very responsive and clearly explained each step from permitting to installation, inspection and certification. All went smoothly and he and his team were professional and conscientious for both the installation and first inspection. I would rate them higher if I could.

Judi Gorski Via Google Review

We love McMaster. Our service technician is more than just a technician, he is patient, professional, friendly, and a good listener even with all of my dumb questions. My dumb questions is where his patience matters which is why I'm glad he has a sense of humor also. Because of McMaster, our heating and AC system remains in great shape, even after 18 years. It's a good feeling to know that there are businesses like McMaster that can be trusted.

Michael Ammermon Via Google Review

We had a strange noise coming from the AC unit also wasn't cooling like it used to. Anthony from McMaster, who has already been a great help before, came and identified and rectified the problem. Swift and efficient, just like we always hope things will be.

Thank you Anthony!

Sunita R., Trabuco Canyon, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I highly recommend McMaster Air & Heat! After interviewing three companies, I knew that I wanted to continue the interview process with McMaster Air & Heat. I appreciated the level of professionalism and knowledge of James from McMaster. He provided information about the product and a clear proposal with various options, answered all my questions, and provided references (who highly recommended the company). I then felt extremely confident to proceed with McMaster. From start to finish, everything went smoothly and according to plan. All of the crew was professional, courteous, took pride in their work, and left the home clean. All of the work passed the HERS inspection and city inspection.

Description of Work: McMaster Air & Heat replaced a/c, furnace, and attic ducts.

E L. Via Angi Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you for the AC unit. We love it and it works great. Your recommendation was exactly what we were looking for. It is quiet and cools the house down quickly. Your crew was fantastic and kept things clean. They showed up when the said they would. I love what they did in the attic. Of all the contractors I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot, this was the best experience I have had all the way around. Thank you very much.

Jeff W., El Toro, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

From start to finish, my experience with McMaster Air Conditioning was nothing short of excellent. They recently completed a full installation of a new air conditioning unit at my home, including a comprehensive redo of all the ductwork. The results have been outstanding, surpassing my expectations.

The owner, Ron, was involved from the initial consultation through to the completion of the project. He provided a fair and transparent price, ensuring I understood every aspect of the job. His professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the process.

Working alongside Ron, installation technician Anthony displayed the same level of professionalism and expertise. He was meticulous in his work, ensuring everything was done to the highest standard. Both Ron and Anthony were not only super nice but also incredibly respectful of my home, ensuring minimal disruption during the installation.

The difference in air quality and efficiency in my home is remarkable. It’s clear that McMaster Air Conditioning doesn’t just install units—they ensure they’re optimized for your space, resulting in significant improvements in comfort and energy savings.

I am thoroughly impressed with their work and cannot recommend McMaster Air Conditioning enough. Their commitment to quality, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service makes them a standout. I’m already looking forward to having them install another unit in our rental property. If you’re in need of air conditioning services, look no further—McMaster is the best in the business!

Michael Staubly Via Google Review

We are a small business in San Clemente & we are so impressed with the service McMaster's provides! They are quick to respond to all of our needs! We highly recommend them for all of your Heating & Air Conditioning needs!

Josie O., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

We needed a new AC to replace our 30 year old system. We got several quotes from local Carrier Installers. They did a great job with the installation. It was quick and the installation crew were pleasant and explained everything. We highly recommend this company.

Rich S., Laguna Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I have used McMaster in three different homes now and I would never use anyone else. I just moved and used McMaster to install a new hvac. I also had to have asbestos ducts removed and new ones put in. Ron is honest and reliable. And his crew is fantastic and did a great job. you wouldn't even know they were here after it was all done. there is no point calling anyone else just use them and you will be extremely satisfied, as I am

Cathy P., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

McMaster Heating and Air has been a pleasure to work with over the past 10+ years. They installed the central heating and air system expertly, and have maintained it very well. Hope to continue to do business with them for years to come!

Anthony Villa Via Google Review

The Technician for annual service was timely and efficient! We are exceedingly happy with our a/c and furnace from McMaster! They are the absolute best in customer service and my allergies have greatly improved with this highly efficient system! Highly highly recommend !!!

Diane Olson Via Google Review

I had McMaster Heating and AC install an air conditioner at my home.

They arrived exactly when they said they would be here, the job took exactly the amount of time to complete as they had said.

I work from home and was here the whole time the crew is so courteous and answered all of my questions as well as making sure I knew exactly how to use the smart thermostat from my phone.

I would highly recommend them.

Joan E., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

I would highly recommend McMasters for all of your HVAC needs. They are very professional and reliable. Fair prices and quality service.

D. M., Irvine, CA Via Nextdoor Testimonial

We needed to replace our aging furnace and was referred to Ron McMaster by several work colleagues. One particular colleague is the type of guy who does his homework and is the go to guy for all home improvements. As a Factory authorized dealer for Carrier, Ron has great technical insight to the product and install. Our house has had a pex re-pipe and I was a little concerned that the pipe location within the attic space would obstruct the install and be prone to damage. I'm very impressed to say that the install technicians re-routed the pipes and created easy access to the furnace, they must have read my mind:)

Alan M., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

Awesome experience! Found McMaster through Carrier's website - since we were spending $$$ for a new top-efficiency Carrier Infinity furnace and A/C, we wanted the best installer - McMaster fit the bill. They kept us informed every step of the way, showed up on time and even wore slippers over work shoes when they were working inside the house! Also, McMaster handled pulling all the permits and inspections with the city and also took care of all the SCE rebate paperwork. Our new system is super quiet and our electric bill was cut in half this summer - couldn't ask for a better dealer or a better system - highly recommended.

Description of Work: Install new HVAC system & duct work, move furnace to attic crawl space

Orth H. Via Angi Testimonial

McMaster Heating and Air installed a new AC system at my house and I'm very happy with it. I appreciate Ron explaining different options available. Their team did an amazing job with the AC installation. They did really good work, very professional, and great to work with.

Steve V., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

They were very courteous. Always helpful. I would highly recommend their services. They did a very good job of installing our ac and furnace. Started on time and finished it the same day. Whenever I had problem they immediately came and serviced.

Malathi R., San Francisco, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

My service experience with McMaster has been positive and professional, and so good that I hired them for a second job at another property without hesitation!

I became acquainted with McMaster while researching a contractor to install a Carrier variable-speed heat pump for our home. I recall a review on their site that was roughly “these are the guys to hire, don’t bother with others.” Well said. These are the guys to hire for professional installation of a Carrier system - done right. Not only do they know the Carrier product line, they are competitive on price and their customer service is what you would expect from a first-rate contractor. Each McMaster person works like they were doing the job for themselves - down to the smallest detail. This means that there is pride of workmanship and you are treated the way you want to be treated. Their excellent service is company wide; from the owner it extends to each crew member and the office staff who coordinate and schedule.

Recently I needed to consider replacement or overdue maintenance of a 50+ year old HVAC at a condo property. I did not hesitate to call McMaster. Even though this work was a different scope, their previous work was such a positive experience that I didn’t want to consider any other contractors. Their advice was again honest and valuable. The energy efficiency of a new heat pump system was clearly the most compelling reason for replacement. An appropriate and reasonable unit was suggested, the price was within budget, and they were able to meet my remodel schedule. Communication leading up to installation day with McMaster was again first-rate. The same installation crew delivered and installed a fantastic system in just one day!

BTW: the Carrier heat pumps just work and are worth the money, especially a variable-speed setup. Just get it installed by McMaster! Again, these are the guys to hire.

Melvin Martin Via Google Review

McMaster replaced our HVAC system that had been in service for 20 years. Ron and his admin team were very thorough in defining our options, quoting, scheduling and following up. His installation team was very professional, clean and efficient throughout the project. We highly recommmend McMaster for HVAC.

J. H., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via Nextdoor Testimonial

Very pleased with the service and the products

Did a complete replacement of our HVAC system after almost 30 years. It was a Carrier unit and always extremely reliable, so I looked for a Carrier installer nearby and came across McMaster.

Ron was super-knowledgeable when he visited the house and checked out what was needed. I wanted a heat pump, which can sometimes be tricky, but his team has installed lots of them and knew exactly what to do.

We ran into the usual sorts of complications along the way (routing of additional wires, etc.), which they handled in a very professional manner throughout (the extra conduits were very cleanly done). And when I've had questions, they get back to me quickly with solid answers.

Very pleased with the service and the products, and would recommend to anyone.

Bill F., San Clemente, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

They had great prices and did a great job.

James, Mike, and Anthony at McMaster really helped me out by installing a brand new Infinity Carrier Heat Pump in town home. The installation was rather difficult since my old unit was a hydronic system in a dropped ceiling. They removed the old unit and installed the new fan coil in closet. They had great prices and did a great job.

Jack Z., Aliso Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial

The entire team at McMaster did a great job for us. Everybody was helpful, quick to respond to requests, and provided a very high level of customer service.

The day of the installation was flawless. Anthony showed up early and got everything set up and installed in less time than we thought it would take. He is really nice and very helpful when questions came up.

McMaster went FAR above our expectations. We will definitely use them for future needs and highly recommend them to others.

Je Zo Via Google Review


McMaster just installed a Carrier AC/Heating system in our home in Fountain Valley, replacing an older system which has been in operation for twenty-seven years. I highly recommend both Ron and his crew. They are extremely courteous and professional. All parts of the transaction; the quote, scheduling, installation, orientation to the new products, and cleanup after the job was finished were all handled by trained, uniformed, courteous crew members. It has been a sincere pleasure to do business with Ron's company.

Ray J., Fountain Valley, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Had a great experience. Did what they said they would do and left the place clean like they had never been in my house. Would highly recommend them

joan edwards Via Google Review


They installed a small split system in our Adu, and a bigger system in our home. They were incredibly reliable, professional and reasonable. We had a great experience! We highly recommend them!

Ana B., San Clemente, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


What a great company! Thorough, attentive, polite, and knowledgeable. They installed a complete new HVAC system, including new duct work, in my 66 year old home. Everything is great! Had an issue during our recent 10-day extreme heat event and they came to service the A/C unit in less than 4 hours after I called -- AMAZING! I give this company 10 out of 5 stars.

Lorrie Stratton Via Facebook Review


I shopped a/c companys for more than 2 years. Hubby didn't think we needed it! McMaster was the absolute best choice. Owner Ron accommodated all of our needs. He and his installers were nothing short of professional and we are thoroughly enjoying our new furnace and a/c unit.

We got the top-of-line carrier unit and are so comfortable all year around! Hubby is loving it and I'm healthier and allergies have greatly improved. If shopping for a/c, look no further. McMaster is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!

Diane W., Capistrano Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


High recommend, installed a new HVAC system quickly and efficiently.

Eric Fults Via Google Review


Absolutely, McMaster is a strong team, especial Ron! He is your decision maker who always think about his customer. I won't do other choices just trust them!!

Kay Y., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We talked to five different companies regarding replacing our 3-ton 23-year-old Carrier HVAC furnace+AC system. Ron was the most impressive of the bunch, he knows his stuff and he was the only one that sat down with us to lay our our options and to answer all our questions. His estimate wasn't the lowest, but we were confident that we'd be getting a quality system expertly installed. Everyone on his team was professional and helpful during the installation and afterwards, and the new Carrier system is working great.

B I., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Our AC was not working. We originally had another company out who was "stumped" on the problem, "needed to sleep on it," & complained the entire time he was in our home. I haven't dealt with any AC companies yet & this was an awkward experience.

Our landlord then called McMaster. Alexis easily set up our appointment & was very friendly & professional on the phone. Our tech Anthony showed up extremely early in our time frame which is not always common in service of any kind which was GREAT!

Anthony is definitely amazing & skilled at his job. He had our AC problem diagnosed & literally up & running within the first 20 minutes of being here. I was so shocked at how fast Anthony got everything going again considering the last tech from the other company was here for hours. He was very professional, informative, answered all of our questions, & was very friendly. He was finished within the hour & we have AC for the coming hot Summer months!!!!

We are so thrilled with the amazing experience we had with McMaster & I am so excited to have our AC back!!!


Joy J., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We were very pleased that we decided to work with McMaster Heating and Air to replace our A/C and heating system in our home. Ron was very professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, as was the entire staff and installers as well.

D S., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Very happy with the work quality on installing new AC system. Very professional installers. Very helpful and attentive staffs.

Han Chen Via Google Review


I chose McMaster heating & Air last year after trying several disappointing companies. I found them honest and reliable. They were very helpful in getting our old AC working (before a terrible heat wave hit) as they couldn't fit us in for our installation for a couple of weeks. All the guys are clean, and professional. I trust this company and the Carrier product they sell. This AC unit is so quiet and efficient. We are happy!

JB Costa Mesa

Janet B., Costa Mesa, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Last summer, I obtained four quotes for a replacement AC and furnace. I did a lot of analysis to figure out the kind of equipment and size of unit that I thought would work well for my home. When Ron McMaster came to my house to give me the quote, he was patient and answered all my questions (and I had a lot). Of the four quotes I got, Ron provided the only one that included the size and kind of equipment that I believed that I needed. The price for the system was fair, IMO. It was not the cheapest, but it included everything I was interested in. And I appreciated that McMaster is a Carrier factory authorized dealer. The team that installed the system was led by Anthony. Each member of the team was very professional and hard-working. They made sure to clean up everything at the end of each day. Anthony was super knowledgeable. There was a loud rattle which I hadn't noticed in my original system because that system was so darned loud. But with the new Carrier system being so quiet, we could then hear the rattle. Anthony ultimately came back and replaced some kind of pipe, eliminating the poorly-routed one from the original unit's installation. Anthony was so patient tracking down what was causing that loud rattle - I was very grateful. Anthony also took time to explain the new thermostat to me. I requested that Anthony place the thermostat in a slightly different location from my original one, resulting in a hole in the drywall from the original thermostat. McMaster arranged for a person to patch and repair the drywall, which I appreciated.

Additionally, Jennifer and all the office staff were very kind and helpful in all our interactions.

Now I have a quiet system that keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I am very happy with my Carrier system.

Lastly, everyone who came to my house wore masks due to covid, which I very much appreciated.

Thanks to all at McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning!

Debra Brodbeck Via Google Review


I recently had McMaster Heating and Air installed the Carrier Infinity HVAC system in my house. I did my research and compare the cost and product specifications with different Carrier Authorized Dealers. I chose McMaster not only for great cost savings, but also for the reputations since they also installed the complete HVAC system for my neighbor. The McMaster team are very professional, polite and respectful. They did a great job and the system is working well with the temperature and humidity set to run consistently throughout the day. I highly recommend McMaster for all heating and air conditions services.

Thanks Ron and the McMaster team.

Chris H., Orange, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


im very impressed by ron (the owner)! I called him 2 days ago and asked for him to come out to install our AC unit and do all the finishing touches for our home (so that we can move in on time) and even with his busy schedule he was able to pull through within 1 day!! They are extremely professional and do their job in a timely manner! Thanks again Ron!

Amy E., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I love this company. So professional all inspections passed with flying colors. Ron went the extra mile to get our old one working before a terrible heatwave hit. We were comfortable until they could install the new one. The quietest unit I have ever had. I’m totally satisfied.

Janet Boyer

Janet Boyer Via Facebook Review


I normally do not take the time to write reviews but felt compelled to do so after the professional outcome of my installed HVAC system by McMaster Heating and Air. Just yesterday, the Irvine City (HVAC) inspector complemented the workmanship. And that was similar with the third party HERS testing technician who stated that work that he has seen from McMaster has always been top notch. I initially chose this company because of the great cost savings. It is my recommendation that you do your due diligence when looking for an HVAC company but I highly recommend including an estimate from McMaster Heating and Air. I have been more than satisfied with the outstanding and professional work that they have done for me.

Les H., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Totally satisfied. We have used McMaster twice now. Once for a rental unit and full replacement of AC and heating system, and today for a fix on our intermittent AC cycling problem.

We had some hiccups with the city and sign-off by the inspector, but I blame Lake Forest city for that.

Today our tech found a simple outside low voltage lock out circuit board issue and fixed it within 30 minutes and only charged us for the diagnostic fee!

Wow, so refreshing not to be pressured into an upsell, or service contract or a whole new AC unit.

This kind of service should be rewarded with a great Yelp review. So here you go

Scott T., Foothill Ranch, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We had a new AC unit installed by McMasters recently. Ron was great to work with, gave us tons of information and options and we couldn't say no. We upgraded to a better AC unit for efficiency and the price was super competitive or better then other companies we called. The install was completed within the time frames including changing all the vents within the house. They complied with all safety measures during this COVID time and we couldn't be happier with McMaster air. We loved them so much, we called them to install a new AC unit in my mom's house. We highly recommend McMaster Air, and will use them for all our HVAC needs.

Martie Wagner Via Google Review


After receiving several estimates we decided to go with Mc Master Heating and Air conditioning. They were prompt with the estimates and were able to fit us in schedule within days after receiving the estimate. The price was fair compared to the other bids we received. Alexis the office manager was very helpful and accommodating.

They explained everything upfront before we decided to use them. Ron and his crew did an excellent job, they were on time and extremely professional.

We would recommend them to anyone needing a new air conditioner or heating system.

Debbie Y., Foothill Ranch, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I proactively decided it was time to replace my 30+ year old HVAC system. I did the research and obtained bids from 4 separate companies. I am kind of an analytical person so I put together a weighted spreadsheet with all the factors that are important to me. McMaster was the company that surfaced as the best choice for me, and I have to say that although price was important, they were not the lowest priced option. Today my installation took place and I couldn't have been happier. The crew arrived on time, they were in uniform (employees). They were courteous, considerate, clean, professional and quiet. They were not disruptive to me or my neighbors and they worked the entire time - no lunch break. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience.

theresa f., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


My mother hired McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning based on strong recommendations and we are so glad we did. From the initial consultation to when they finished installing the unit in her home, they were amazing. All phone calls and emails that my mother sent had prompt and friendly responses. When providing recommendations regarding specific products to best meet my mother's needs, they stayed objective and were very considerate of my mother's life demands. As noted, my mother is 70 years old with a comprised immune system. Not only did they arrived on time during the two appointments and worked efficiently, but they also made sure all employees wore masks and booties. I would recommend this company to anybody who is interested in working with a professional local company. Thank you for treating my mother with care!

Victoria N., Austin, TX Via Yelp Testimonial


It was a pleasure dealing with McMaster to replace our broken HVAC system and relocate the return lines into the attic. Their pricing was reasonable and most importantly, they took the time to understand the problems and propose solutions that will address the problems I was having with the existing/failing HVAC setup.

It's been about two months and everything is working well. I would highly recommend them for a new/replacement installations.

Joe C., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We are very happy with McMaster Heating and A/C. The guys showed up on time, with masks, booties and tarps to protect my floor. I really appreciated them respecting and caring enough to be careful and safe. I am extremely particular but couldn't find a thing to complain about even if I tried. They were very professional, polite, work fast, extremely efficient and did a wonderful job with installation.

M J., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Overall very happy with McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning. One of the reasons I chose them was they are a family owned/run business and they specialize in Carrier products. With that I feel that I have gotten the personal responsiveness of a family run business. The owner, Ron, came out to my house and gave a very detailed explanation of what he recommended and why. The installation team did a great job overall too. There were a few tweaks that had to be done and they have taken care of them with no problems. So far everyone I have interacted with has been great. I had a minor issue and one of their technicians Anthony came out on a holiday and squeezed me in so I wouldn't have to wait the full weekend. Would definitely recommend especially if you are planning to install Carrier products.

Jason M., Cypress, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We are very happy with McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning. I called a handful of other companies and decided to go with Ron and I'm so happy we did. Ron and his team are honest and reliable and they did a fantastic job replacing our AC units. I will definitely contact them again in the future.

J S., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


No complaints whatsoever. The office staff was professional, had good communication skills, and generally easy to work with. They even were able to schedule a same-day after hours appointment. Our technician, Justin, arrived on time (a bit early, actually), quickly repaired our broken condenser, and saved us from two weeks of roasting in our own house.

I would definitely use McMaster again, but hopefully I won't have to do so in the near future (crosses fingers). This was probably one of my best experiences with a contractor.

Ryan W., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


About five years ago I had McMasters replace my furnace in our Irvine Condo, and a few weeks ago we called them to replace our a/c! I am so impressed by this Company that if I could give them 10 stars, I would! They are on time, clean and very professional throughout the whole process of our estimate, installing our units and seeing us through the HERS testing to a successful "pass!"

I am thankful to have found such a company!

Ron, keep up the outstanding work! I will call you when our a/c gives out in our home in Foothill Ranch! (Hopefully not for years, tho!)

M. B., Foothill Ranch, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


They came to us from a neighborhood recommendation. We replaced both upstairs and downstairs units. Increased duct returns. Added a 2nd return to upstairs unit. They improved the downstairs return build in the wall from original home builders.

Crew of 4. Work done in 2 days. WiFi Thermostats.

Lots of rebates and easy to get from Carrier and SCE.

Very professional 5*****. Have recommend to other neighbors too.

Big saving on monthly electrical bills since replacing units.

Mike C., Trabuco Canyon, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I had a central air conditioner installed on 8-6-20 by McMaster heating and A/C company. They did an awesome job. All the workers were polite and very efficient. In 2011 they also installed a 4 ton gas furnace in the attic with all the ducts, and I am very pleased.

I highly recommend McMaster company with any heating or A/C needs.

Guy Morrison

Guy Morrison Via Google Review


McMaster Air and Heat installed my new air and heating system with the best crew. In my research, it comes down to the installation company. Each member treated my home as their own home. I asked lots of questions and they were each super nice to answer and explain the system and process.

If you are looking into a new HVAC system, call them for a very reasonable quote and the best installation. They left my home as clean as they found it. Give them a call and you will not be disappointed.

Heather Lee Via Google Review


McMaster Heating and Air was referred to me by a good friend. He did a ton of research and received 6-7 estimates which saved me a lot of time. Although they were not the cheapest (but by far NOT the most expensive) I was extremely impressed by their experience, responsiveness, and knowledge. Ron McMaster arrived at my home on time for the estimate. The office staff that arranged the appointment was very professional and made the entire process easy. Ron evaluated our old system and went into the attic and then explained all of our options. He was not pushy and I did not get the feeling he was trying to up-sell me into a higher end unit. He really knows his stuff! The quote included all new grills, a furnace, thermostats, and the new AC systems (lucky me, I have a separate AC unit for both the upstairs and downstairs). Financing was super easy and took about 2-3 minutes (not kidding). We ended up going with a 2-stage system which runs on low speed most of the time for efficiency. It only kicks into high speed when the air differential necessitates. The crew was on time and I was very impressed with the little things like using a tarp on the floors everywhere they walked so they would not get the floor and carpet dirty. They also walked me through the thermostat settings and made sure I was comfortable with how it works. The front office staff was very easy to work with and honestly everything was pretty much done via email. I was expecting this project to be a nightmare and it could not have gone any better. Save yourself some time. There is no need to get 5-6 estimates. Ron is honest and the crew does incredible work.

Richard Rushton Via Google Review


The team at McMaster was a real pleasure. Professional, friendly and efficient! We love our new AC and am sure we will appreciate the new heating system this winter. I highly recommend them!

Debbie Brewington Via Google Review

We highly recommend McMaster! Excellent installation of a new Furnace and Air Conditioner. The technicians did a fantastic job. They were polite and professional. The owner, Ron McMaster, was very accommodating with the selections he offered us and good value with the pricing.

Don Ledgard Via Google Review


I had gotten several estimates and McMaster's was the best. Ron was very professional and honest with me. I'm happy that we went with McMaster Heating and Air conditioning. I would recommend them to anybody!

Tammy M., Big Bear Lake, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Changed 21 year old HVAC with Carrier Infinity series 2-stage dual zone HVAC. Anthony came to do the measurement and explained very clearly for different options. He was very knowledgeable and patient. The quote he provided was the lowest among 4 bids.

It took 2 days to haul way old system, install the new system, replace ducting with R-8 in the attic, add duct to newly added loft. It was challenging to move the new furnace up into the attic since the opening was barely wider but the crew did it without any damage.

Anthony was always here for help, he did everything including efficiency report, pulling city permit, meeting with inspectors and applying Carrier rebate and Energy upgrade rebate for us (I got them all in 8-10 weeks)

It was pleasant to work with Anthony and McMaster. Very happy with our new HVAC.

Ben H., Irvine, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


They put in my new units, 3 years ago. When the fan went out, in a hot spell, they did their best to get it fixed immediately.

Michelle H., Trabuco Canyon, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Great service, showed up on time, very professional, and the price was very fair! We will always recommend them

Preston P., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I have used McMaster for years. I have never had a single issue. The entire staff from owner to installation team has been professional and kind. Often preventing unneeded services that other companies indicated I needed thus saving me money. There are no upselling techniques or pressure to buy. You tell them what you need and they provide the great common sense service. Its pretty simple. They are the only ones I trust with my heating and cooling. I would highly recommend them for any heating and cooling job, big or small. Great service and great staff! Thanks McMaster!

Michael S., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Several weeks ago, I had an Heating and A.C. company come to our home to have our annual system inspection. At the end of the "visit" I was informed that my heating system has become dangerous due to the holes and rust spots in my fire box, and it was stressed that I should not turn it on, ever! The tech sat down with me and presented a quote of 16k. to replace the furnace and to include the replacement of my A.C. unit. After he left, I called a friend in the plumbing industry, he recommended Ron McMaster's Heating & A.C. I called Ron, mentioned the referral, and he set an appointment with me that afternoon. He checked out the system, and said he'd respond later that day with a quote. When he presented the quote, it was half of the previous quote. We negotiated the financial aspects, set the install appointment, paid my deposit and waited for the install date. The crew arrived a 8 a.m., said the entire install would take till 3 p.m. The crew was very polite, and efficient, cleaned up when they finished and left just before 3 p.m. The conversations that I had with Ron's office administrator were excellent. She kept me informed with every step of the process. She was great, the crew was great, and Ron, was the best of all. He came out several days later to review the install and spent some time with me regarding the proper use of the thermostat. Ron and his company are excellent, and I've already referred Mcmaster's to several of my friends.

Michael B., Laguna Hills, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Dear Ron,

Let me begin with a hearty thank you to you and your extremely professional staff for the recent complete home HVAC system replacement, upgrade, zoning & controls, and commissioning. This project started with Anthony - who truly listened to our requirements, understand our need to add zones to our home, and his ability to develop proper load calculations and models using the Carrier units best matched for our home, lifestyle, and interest in energy efficiency. His proposal was on target and he worked with us to refine it further as the full scope of zoning was better understood. We really appreciated Anthony's honesty, integrity, commitment to the project, and tenacity in sticking with the project from beginning all the way through the HERS testing.

I want to also recognize Christina who kept us in constant communication and your world class installation crew of Mike, Kevin, and Carlos who were polite, always on time, and CLEAN!!! (I wish more contractors were as neat, clean, and caring about our home and wood floors as your crew.) Ron, the new ductwork these guys built on-site was of amazing quality. Mike, Kevin, and Carlos always showed a high degree of attention to detail. The proof was in the HERS test as the completed system performed flawlessly with less than 6% total leakage!

To say that my wife and I are delighted with our new Carrier Performance / Infinity 4-ton HVAC system would be a tremendous understatement. We now wake up to a warm house without the annoying blast of super-heated, dry air we used to put up with in our old system. With the zone controls we can bring the downstairs temperature up 2 degrees in the morning while allowing those remaining in bed upstairs to sleep peacefully. We then bring the upstairs zone temperature up later once everyone.

Smartly the cooling zone controls have achieved exactly what we were looking for as the system now delivers the volume of cold air exactly where we want it, when we want it, and perhaps most importantly quietly without blasting us in the face or back of the neck. In addition the outside condenser is not only very nice looking but far quieter than the unit we replaced. Frankly I think this Carrier condenser is one of the quietest home units I have heard in a long time.

In closing - I am recommending McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to my friends and neighbors. Please feel free to use me and this project as a reference

Jack P., El Toro, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I had a heat pump installed for my rental condo in Laguna Hills. McMaster does top notch installation workmanship with quality Carrier equipment at a good price. This system is quite an upgrade over my previous hvac system.

Ray D., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We uSed McMaster to replace our old FAU - A/C unit on our home in Portola Hills several years ago. We were very happy with the service and equipment, and loved how quiet and energy efficient our new unit was.

We recently purchased a home in need of major renovation in Laguna Niguel. James, Anthony, and crew were extremely helpful - we relocated the unit from the garage to the attic, put all new ducting throughout the home, and installed a new a/c unit on the side of the house.

I've recommended McMaster Air to neighbors in the past, and will gladly do so again in our new neighborhood.

Jan H., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I wanted to share my experience with McMaster Heating & Air. Last December I decided to replace my furnace and A/C unit as my original furnace went out after 45 years of service. I worked with James Maloney on the pre-sales side and picked the top of the line furnace, A/C and Filtration system offered by Carrier. The products were all installed in one day's time. That said, there was some minor damage done to my crown molding during the installation of new vents/returns. Ron McMaster the Owner, got involved and brought in a contractor to fix my crown molding immediately. This was done within 2 days of my system being installed. Furthermore, Ron the Owner came out to fit my vents/returns personally around the crown molding to ensure that the finish work was impeccable. This type of Customer Service is something that most companies lack in this day and age. I would HIGHLY recommend Ron McMaster and his company for your heating and cooling needs. They are the only contractor out of 5 that I received bids from, that do proper testing before and after installation to ensure my system is as efficient as possible. They also processed all rebates on my behalf making the experience all that more enjoyable. Thanks to the whole McMaster's team for all of their hard work and dedication to my satisfaction!

with gratitude,
Josh Ward

Josh W., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I recently had McMaster air replace my older a/c and furnace with newer more efficient units,what a difference why didn't I do this sooner! I highly recommend them.

Farfone V., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We used McMaster to replace our HVAC and they were amazing. Our heater broke during the coldest part of the winter and the crew worked really hard to get the new system installed as quickly as they could. In fact, they stayed until 7:00 on New Year's Eve so that we would have heat on New Year's Day. The crew is great and all of Ron's leads are experts at what they do. We got several quotes and I feel like McMaster was the most honest in terms of what we needed, and we ended up saving money. Don't go anywhere else for your HVAC needs.

Christine M., Lake Forest, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We researched several options before choosing McMaster to replace our AC unit and water heater. They were professional and did a great job.

Nh 2., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I had McMaster install an air cond. in a rental home in may 2015 and they did a good job. I have waited until now before writing a review as i wanted to see if we had any problems. Through all the heat this summer not one problem. I am very satisfied and will use them again.

Bill J., Santa Ana, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


This review is way past due. As I should have put this up earlier. I know homeowners will agree with me when I say that finding a good contractor is no easy task. We have all been there. Company seems good upfront but the work quickly become sub par, phone call don't get returned, and it seems that you start to get nickeled and dimed after they start the job. Not to mention those times that we want to try to save a buck and it turns out to be a horrible mistake.

This company is none of the above. Let me start out by saying I work in the trade industry. I do container crane maintenance and do considerable amount of electrical and mechanical work also including air conditioning. I take great pride in what I do and it shows in my work so i expect it to show in a contractors work in my house.

In order to keep well trained and educated employees you have to provide them with a career not just a job. You have to follow the rules and McMaster does just that. They are not the company that pay there guys under the table with no benefits. These guys have uniforms, workman's comp, training, ect....because when a guy is working in a 120° attic shoved in the corner you want him taking pride it what he does and not just throwing it together.

I had a full a/c system installed in my house and had several quotes. Some of the contractors just walked in my house came up with a size unit took 15 mins and Gave me a quote. (This was Costco) McMaster did a full load calculation based on my house and gave me a emailed quote the next day. After meeting all contractors and with my background i knew hands down no question about it that I was going with McMasters.

Theses guys are honest and top notch. Use them you will not regret it. Out of all the contractors I have had ever work on my house and looking at every aspect of a great contractor i have to say I was most impressed with McMasters heating and air conditioning

Nick C., Huntington Beach, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


McMaster really saved me this summer. I had called multiple contractors and either had to leave a message or put on an unanswered hold. Fortunately, the next day I talked to my boss who suggested McMaster; I also noticed McMaster is certified by SDG&E to perform Energy Upgrade service. Upon calling I was greeted by McMaster's office staff who were efficient and courteous. They too had a backlog of calls but apologized for my wait and were able to schedule an appointment. McMaster's office manager, Christian, was sent out and he took the time to fully explain all my options with all the pros and cons of each and not just trying to jam me into a new AC system. Being the cheapskate, I choose a Freon recharge with hopes of getting another season out of my 13+year old AC. Sure enough, it worked like a charm, but after two weeks the system slowly started to lose efficiency (as I was cautioned it could). I called Christian and he was able to quickly schedule an install date and applied the Freon service fee towards a new AC system. Importantly, McMaster's installation team were completely professional. They arrived on time, protected my flooring and left the work site spotless. Andrew (one of the Installer Techs) completely reviewed the new system and helped me set up the wifi-enabled thermostat (very cool!!!). After installation, Christian called for any follow-up questions and to ensure I was completely satisfied. By all means, do your homework and compare pricing; in the end I believe you'll be recommending McMaster highly too.

Steve H., Laguna Niguel, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


McMaster's is the best. Honest and fair. This is the second system they have done for me. I used them in my old house and would not have trusted any one else for the job. Outstanding work and great customer service.

Mike Hallinan Via Google Review


The whole experience from start to finishes was excellent. Ron came out and inspected my 30 year old system, even tried to revive it, but, it was just warn out. Gave fair price and realistic time frame and completed on time. System works great. Recommend McMaster for heating and air conditioning work.

Carl Spangenberg Via Google Review


My wife and I are so impressed with the performance of our new AC system. With a variable speed fan for the inside and a multi speed compressor unit outside it is extremely quiet and you can’t even tell that it’s running. We have a two-story house and now the temperature between the downstairs and the upstairs is 2° where before it was 8° different. The complete installation only took less than six hours and that’s replacing the furnace in the attic also. I’ve had a couple of my neighbors stop by to check out the installation and how quiet the unit is and now they’ve made appointments and are going to use McMaster for their installation. I am impressed with the workmanship of the installation and I can attest to that because I work in the maintenance field also.

Donald Chambers Via Google Review


MC Master Air was absolutely the best price and quality and professionalism we have experienced in the venture of home remodeling. They were very helpful, easy to deal with, and overall very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. We felt other companies paled in comparison to McMaster. I highly recommend this company who got done EVERYTHING they told us would happen with no gimmicks.

Tristan Greth Via Google Review


This is the second new Heating and Air Unit installed, the first was downstairs, now upstairs. Their price was competitive, they came through as promised and the job went smoothly. Everything in good working order and we were very pleased.

Susie Wagner Via Google Review


very polite when answering the phone. Arrived on time, did the install, cleaned up after themselves. Good quality AC I would highly recommend this company

Carolyn Flynn Via Google Review


McMaster and team were absolutely professional, knowledgable, and thorough. We evaluated many vendors and decided to go with McMaster. Along with our 2 neighbors, we replaced 6 AC units that all broke at the same time. Everything worked out great from proposal thru permitting and inspection - McMaster was there every step of the way. We highly recommend his company!

Norma Tam Via Google Review


AMAZING!! This is the Best company overall from the owner Ron to Cristina at the office to the fabulous installers Anthony, Jaime, Alex and the rest.

This job was a bear. My 1956 house had never had an A/C the furnace was an antique hence, I was freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer.

I did my homework and interviewed lots of A/C installers but finally decided on McMasters. They sell a great product,they are knowledgeable and they know how to get the job done right.

I am thrilled to recommend this company as I am delighted with my new Furnace & A/C and the entire experience with this company.

franki Kay Via Google Review


Everything about dealing with McMater Air was great. Start to finish. Pricing, installation, followup. Class 'A" company.

I got 3 quotes for a new system, McMaster was the best. Ron came by and spent quite some time talking about my needs for a new system. Installation was absolutely perfect. Neat, clean and no mess left behind.

Thank you, Ron, Alexis, Maria and the install guys.

Kvon Via Google Review


Ron provided honest and straightforward opinion and answers to al of my questions (many questions). Excellent service from start to all the way through the inspection. Thank you!

Thang Victor Dinh Via Google Review


In July, 2019 McMaster installed our new Carrier HVAC system into our home that needed all the ducting and vents changed out due to the original central heater still standing at 53 years old, with asbestos wrapped ducting. That was all removed by abatement specialists as part of my purchase with McMaster. The new Carrier HVAC system with a five stage A/C unit was installed in a couple of days. All new A/C ducting was placed in the attic to all of the rooms.

The team McMaster had at my home knows their individual expertise, and they work in sync supporting each other in their respective roles. The permit was paid as a part of my contract, and I was glad all of the work passed. The inspector even said that the installation went beyond satisfying the permit requirements.

It has been over a month in this summer heat-wave, and we are in love with our whisper-quiet outdoor A/C unit. I love setting MyInfinity thermostat from work, so it is cooled off when I arrive home, or for my pets when needed.

Angie Wright Via Google Review


Very happy with the lob they did replacing the heating / air conditioning system. Installers were very professional and punctual .I would use them again.

Glenn Barton Via Google Review


Extremely professional organization. From the first service call to verify that my existing system was not worth the sales manager (Christian) who walked me through the options and answered my late night email questions...all the way thru the crew who meticulously removed my old equipment and had the new system up and running in less than 2 days (complete new A/C, furnace and ducts), everyone at McMaster (including the owner Ron who stopped by numerous times to ensure everything was going to my satisfaction) was top notch. If you need service or an entire new system, don't hesitate to call McMaster. Fair prices and expert knowledge. Highly recommended A+++

Steven Scapellati Via Google Review


Everyone involved was professional and friendly.

They were also very clean and abided by Covid-19 protocol by wearing masks.

Greg T., Huntington Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


There's a good reason this company has been awarded Carrier's Presidents Award each year for the last 10 years, they are very good at what they do. Ron McMaster was straightforward, knowledgeable and his experience shows. He made suggestions to do things right, explained the base system and the features and benefits to upgrade and improve the system. He gave me a quote for base HVAC system and options and costs to upgrade as to my needs. He supplied us with all the information needed to make an informed decision, he made it making a choice easy.

Alexis in the office, was outstanding in coordination of removing old ducts, installation of units, inspection and city permit and inspection, great communication with phone calls and email updates.

The techs were fast, clean efficient and good at their job.

Great team representing a quality Carrier product, these folks are really good at what they do.

Frank V., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


As luck would have it in the middle of the August heat wave our central air conditioning failed. We shopped around for the best option and interviewed and researched several companies. Although not the cheapest, Ron McMaster impressed us the most with his professionalism. He lived up to all his promises and we are extremely pleased with the outcome! We recommend McMaster air without any hesitation.

Victor and Susan Gomez

Victor G., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We had a new Carrier HVAC system installed on July 4, 2018 and we could not be happier with the results. Our house is over 4700 sq. ft. and we needed to make sure the 2 units would be efficient upstairs and down. The job was completed in 2 days including new duct work in the attic. Ron McMaster and his crew of 8 people performed the work professionally and took care to leave the house without need for cleaning or repairs to walls, floors, etc. We knew we wanted to go with Carrier units and we researched 4 Carrier dealers near us. The need to have a experienced installer is more critical than the equipment you purchase. McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning has won awards as a top Carrier distributor for many many years. They did a complete survey of our needs and proposed a system to replace the units we had. Our new system blows colder and is quieter and more efficient. It was a wise choice.

Alan P., Laguna Hills, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We were very happy with the work done by McMasters Air Conditioning.

James Maloney was our contact person handling the overall job, and he was very professional, keeping us informed about the stages of the installation. The crew that came over to do the actual installation were very careful and professional, cleaning up after the work was done. Anthony Hurley did the before and final test of the installation and filed all the paperwork so that we could get the rebate (since this was an "Energy Upgrade CA" project), and the report was very comprehensive.

Besides the above, I have to say that we got several bids for installation of the AC equipment, and McMaster had the best cost. But not only that, they were one of the only two companies in the area that were authorized to do the work for "Energy Upgrade CA".

Overall, we were very satisfied with their work, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Marcus M., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I was treated with the up most professional service, from Manager Ron, with all the information and steps to be taken on my job, along Anthony and his crew of installation experts. Everything was neat and clean. Job well done. My Complete new Central Air installed and completed in less than 3 days. City inspector was very impressed with the company and so was I.

Santa Ana

Maria Jimenez Via Google Review


Loved their work ethic, they promised to deliver what we asked and they did. They have a great team of staff, sales Rep James spent a lot of time going over the scope of the job and cost with us. My husband is an engineer and he does his homes, he expects the Sales rep to do the same. James did not disappoint. the owner of the company came around to the work site, I must say they have a great team of staff working for them. Anthony went over the functions of everything that was installed and patiently explained things to me. We are very impressed!

Nila Bhatia Via Google Review


Ron is very patient and helpful on all the questions I have. The reception desk ladies are very nice and helpful as well. The installation crew is very professional and easy to communicate. McMaster follows all the city codes and schedules all the necessary inspections. Their price is also very competitive as well. Highly recommend.

Chang Adam Via Google Review


I found McMaster by calling Carrier directly asking for the top servicing companies in my area. I also cross referenced them on other review sites. I asked the scheduler to send their most experienced person - ANTHONY. He was AWESOME. He systematically and thoroughly got to the root of the issue - electrical wiring. A simple fix! A previous servicing company had an inexperienced technician sent to my house and he was estimating the problem to be several hundred or thousands of dollars to fix. ANTHONY walked me through the issue which should have been detected by a properly trained technician. THANK YOU Anthony and McMaster for saving me time and money. You have earned a loyal customer!

Ruel Macaraeg Via Google Review


I got several quotes for my AC replacement and we were pleased with Ron and his team. The team who installed the unit were professional, clean and made the process very seamless. Working with Ron was easy and simple and Christina was very quick on responding to any requests.

Jia Dadabhoy Via Google Review


Complete HVAC replacement, including asbestos abatement. All work done by personable, prompt professionals. Good response to unforeseen problems. Would use again for any installations or service.

the enkes Via Google Review


I had an excellent experience to rebuild a new heating and airconditioning system in my house. Contract, installation, repair service and management of McMaster had been done in professional way without any trouble. I really appreciate their job!

Tae Won Oh Via Google Review


Ron McMaster and his team generously and patiently shared their expertise to tailor the best HVAC system for our home. I would urge anyone feeling overwhelmed by HOA and city requirements to call McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning. They will guide you through the permitting process, installation and maintenance. Call Ron and your HVAC problems will soon be solved.

John Johnson Via Google Review


The company installs high quality equipment at a good price. Installation was very quick. They worked with the other contractors on the project with out any problems. Very helpful in getting rebates from the utility companies

Tim Skirvin Via Google Review


Justin was the service person on our six month service program. During his review of our A/C he found several deficiencies that could lead to a serious and costly equipment breakdown. He was able to explain the relationship of the defective parts (capacitors ) to the wellbeing of the system and the cost of repair vs breakdown. He had an unusual ability for communication and very clearly explained the complex circumstances to a novice to electrical matters I was impressed. He concluded his work and left the site in a clean and tidy condition.

Jim Martin Via Google Review


Great working with Ron and his team. Very professional and friendly. Worked with them 3 times and have had no stress. Will be definitely working with them in the future.

Dan Y Via Google Review


Honest and ethical. We had a great experience replacing our AC and furnace with them.

Gina Kulik Via Google Review


Very pleased with company overall, owner is a straight shooter. Office staff top notch and they follow up like you expect.

Gregory Schaffer Via Google Review


Ron,went out of his way to get my A/C working again,thank you again.

Arsenio Aromando Aromando Via Google Review


Very good service. Anthony was very professional . I enjoyed the experience.

Jacov Marom Via Google Review


Best company we’ve dealt with in a long time!

Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, friendly

And cleaned up every speck after installation. Excellent communication and follow-thru

From Ron the owner to Alexis, Anthony, Juice and Al / what a great team! Call these people if you have HVAC or A/C needs - cannot recommend highly enough!

Susan and Scott Holt


Susan Holt Via Facebook Review


I'm not your usual buyer, I get multiple bids from recommended companies, I grew up in the service industry. My boyhood friend who lives in Tennessee has done HVAC for forty five years and degreed in HVAC at LA trade tech when it was first offered. None of the companies I worked with were told, I played your typical stupid buyer.

Three were selected, only one stood out. McMasters Air Conditioning delivered s proposal and system that completely met my checklist, and with their knowledge of available rebates, Tax credits, air duct/house pressure testing resulted in a price right below the other two finalists by a significant amount. For me the decision was final, quality, service and PRICE! It's rare to get all three.

The installation was outstanding, quick, effective and efficient. It was an absolute pleasure having his team install our new system. They went the extra mile as our installation was a tight fit, yet it didn't slow them down as they are experienced. I not only recommend McMasters, they will be servicing our system.

Nick H., Anaheim Hills, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Excellent to work with. Thanks to their suggestions, we ended up with a better system and less money due to rebates.

ann c., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Thanks to McMaster HVAC I now have the BEST DESIGNED and MOST PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED AND TESTED Heating and Air Conditioning System possible. With a Very Fair Price. James Maloney (super nice person) explained that my too small existing asbestos (health hazard) ducts could be removed and that new, better sealed, insulated & designed ducts would improve air flow. He and their Amazingly Thorough Tech, Andrew calculated that I could actually get a much higher SEER and quieter AC condenser and a better furnace and then - after testing - qualify for HUGE electric and gas company rebates. And it would cost less than getting less costly components with no rebates. The install went smoothly and fast - great teamwork. Then Andrew spent 4 hours testing for safety and performance using their $16,000.00 worth of special test equipment. The HERS rater (state Energy Upgrade official) certified that the test results were all extremely positive. Carrier is a Highest Rated brand. I called McMaster due to their Positive Ratings. They are the only dealer in the area to receive Carrier’s Presidents Award (and for 5 years running). I will now have lower gas and electric bills. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Steve S., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


James provided excellent consultative and installation service. Very trustworthy. I got several other quotes from his competitors and his was the best. He told me what I needed and didn't, which I really appreciated. He also called me after the install to make sure everything was running smoothly and offered to stop by just to show me a few things on the high tech thermostat.

Jonathan W., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Air not only saved me over $1500 on my pervious bid to replace my air conditioning unit and furnace but they were also professional, timely, courteous and extremely clean and tidy. I have referred them to two friends already and my units were installed last week! They are great!

Gina K., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I had a choice with Lowes and a Trane system vs McMasters and Carrier. I decided to go with McMasters because of the great reviews. I read that a quality install is much more important than the little difference in equipment. McMasters and James (our contact person) was very professional, prompt and friendly. They went above and beyond my expectations by changing additional duct work (in some area's) that wasnt in the plan (with no charge). They felt we wouldnt get the appropriate flow so they change it on their own to ensure a good working system. Thats what I call a good customer experience. Thank you McMasters / James for a well done job and making this big investment a pleasure vs a burden.

scott y., Foothill Ranch, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I replaced my 25 year old A/C and furnace. I am happy to have chosen McMaster. From the beginning to the completion of the project, I felt confident that I made the right choice. I got 3 quotes from other companies. I did not feel comfortable the way they presented themselves.

Jim M., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The team at McMasters provided excellent service and teamwork. James worked with us closely and answered all questions patiently and knowledgeable. My husband is an engineer and fluff does not work with him.

The work was done as promised in the time that was promised. The Owner of the company came to the job site as well, which tells me he cares. Anthony patiently explained how everything worked. I would recommend McMaster Air and Heat any day and time .

Hemant & Nila B., Foothill Ranch , CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


From early on they worked as a team and answered all our concerns.

Jay B., Fountain Valley, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMasters installed an entire new HVAC system for our house: new furnace, new air-conditioner, all new ductwork, and insulated our attic. Right from the start, we felt very comfortable with the professionals from McMasters. James, who handled customer relations, Anthony, who conducted all of the testing, and all of the installation staff were respectful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The work was carried out efficiently with a minimum of disruption. At the end of each day, everything was completely cleaned up. The guys arrived punctually and did everything they said they were going to do. If we had any questions or concerns, they were answered or addressed very promptly. The work that was done was explained to us with the amount of detail we wanted, but without jargon; their communication skills were excellent. We always knew what had been accomplished and what was left to do. They carried out HERS testing and had the work inspected by the City and by the Edison/Gas Company Energy Rebate people and we are expecting a substantial rebate for the work we had done. Our HVAC system works perfectly; it's so nice to get up to a warm house in the morning and then enjoy the air conditioning in the afternoon. We highly recommend McMasters.

Roberta W., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster did an excellent job when we needed our HVAC system replaced. Their representative James Maloney was upfront, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. The installation was performed in the timeframe James said it would be and the installers were all professional. Based on my experience, I would recommend McMaster for any HAVAC needs.

Sivon K., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We purchased a complete Carrier furnace and air conditioning unit for our 45-year old house. McMaster took care of the necessary permits and installed a slim line air conditioning condenser that met the City's strict code requirements. The installation crew was very professional and worked in a well organized fashion to remove the old furnace and install the new equipment. We have had no problems at all with either the furnace or the air conditioner in the first six months of use. McMaster got the job done right the first time.

William N., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I was totally pleased with service, personnel and quality of work performed by Tony, and his helper as well as Alexis at the office and her follow up. I would highly recommend McMaster for a/c service.

Riva Berger Lippincott Via Facebook Review


I highly recommend McMaster Air & Heat! I interviewed three companies to do a/c, furnace, and duct replacement. I was most impressed with James at McMaster Air & Heat. He provided a very clear quote with various options, answered all my questions, and provided references (who were all very satisfied and recommended the company). I then felt confident in proceeding with McMaster. From start to finish, everything went smoothly. All the crew were courteous, professional, took pride in their work, and left the home clean. All the work passed the HERS Inspector and the City Inspector.

Kristine L., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The technicians and staff at Mc Master did what they said, when they said they were going to do it. They actually brought in extra workers and completed the job a day early. My A/C install was seamless. All my questions were answered thoroughly ,with detail and patience. Kudos Mc Master team! A job well done.

Eddie E., Laguna Hills, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Heating and Air did an excellent job! I could not be more happy. We have had two different systems installed since we first moved into our home, but nothing compared to what McMaster installed. From the start, they were honest, punctual, informative, and professional. They were also extremely reasonable in price. Our old HVAC systems were loud and failed to heat or cool our house very well. Not only was McMaster the only one to recommend moving our heater to the attic to minimize the sound and to get the proper air flow to the system, but they also fixed the whole venting system which had been improperly installed. Now, it is like living in a new house. It is quiet and the cool at all times or warm depending on what is on.They were the only ones to make complex load calculations on the home to confirm the appropriate system. They were hard working and professional during the installation. They made everything easy, including helping get any refunds. I was beyond impressed. I give this company a 10+ out of 10 and will never work with anyone else except them in the future. They are like no others. Excellent in every way! I will always be thankful for what they have done.

Debbie S., Newport Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The first time my husband and I installed air conditioning in our 1970's house, we were both working, and the only research we did was on the product itself. We took the first proposal from a Carrier approved installer because they seemed reasonably priced, and had been in business for many years in our area. They were fine - even good.

This time, though, we're retired, we had more time available, so we asked several local dealers to assess our needs and give us estimates. It was confusing - but James Maloney, from McMasters, was the only representative that in the end suggested personal, specific solutions to our A/C situation, and we decided to give them our project.

We couldn't be more pleased. From start to finish, McMasters fulfilled every promise. They were prompt, professional, respectful of my home and furnishings, friendly and polite, and delivered a quiet, efficient heating and air conditioning system that far exceeds our expectations. The new unit is exponentially quieter, more efficient, easier to program than the old one, and we are very satisfied with the decision we made.

Mary P., Fountain Valley, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I had gotten 4 other quotes to replace my old furnace and air conditioner before I found Mc Master Heating & Air Conditioning. The sale representative, James really listened to my needs and was meticulous when looking at my current system. When I received his proposal the next day it was apparent that he had spent some time thoughtfully putting together the options for me. The install team was very professional and paid attention to the details. They were on their way out the door when Anthony heard a small rattle, without me saying a word he stopped and took care of it. These guys really stand behind their work, are honest and take pride in their excellent customer service. Thank you so much you are the best!

Janice D., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I had several improvement projects done to my house from remodeling of my kitchen, window and air-conditioning. Having selected McMaster air was the most pleasant experience I had with the contractors. Job was done right the first time.

Excellent job!

Jasbir D., Trabuco Canyon, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Pleased with McMaster Co. Salesman was well informed and gave us a complete overview of equipment and pricing. Installation went smoothly and service staff worked efficiently and fast. Unit appears to be running smoothly during the first six months after installation.

Tom R., Santa Ana, CO Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We were looking for a new central air system for our home, and after an intensive search, McMaster was one of the company we contacted, Initially I liked their company mission statement and also their previous customers reviews. So I contacted them. Ron (owner) came out to our home, told him we were interested in a high energy efficient system. Ron was a wealth of information and answered all of our questions. After hearing our wishes, he emailed us 3 options to choose from (good, better, best). We went w/ the 'best' option. Now it was more than what we budgeted for, McMaster offered a no-interest finance for 6mo w/c was great. So we paid cash and financed the rest. Prior to installation, Ron and James kept us updated and were also available to answer many more questions. Anthony came out and did the calculations/measurements and also provided more information. The installation was suppose to take 2 days since we decided to replace all the ducts. The crew came out on day 1 and they kept seemed like the whole McMaster staff (except the secretary) were at our home, so they were able to get the job done in 1 day, w/c was impressive! Their attention to details was not lacking. The whole crew were professional. Everyone knew what to do, they were organized, they performed their tasks w/ care, kept the house clean and in order. Anthony was great! He came to the house a couple of times after the installation to make sure that our system was running efficiently, he was here when the City inspector came out and he also took care of our Edison Rebate (w/c was being offered at the time we had our system installed). This review is way pass due, and we can't say enough good things about Ron and his entire McMaster crew! Keep up the excellent work everyone! Thank you for a wonderful service.

Joseph and Tiphanie

Mission Viejo

Tiphanie T., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We have been renovating our house for the last few years. We have had some terrible experience with installers, customer service, etc.

We were so pleased that McMaster's exceeded all of our expectations! From the salesperson, James, to the installation guys, to the ladies in the office, we have had great customer service! The installers were exceptionally knowledgeable, neat and tidy, and courteous!

Tim R., Laguna Hills, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


James, the salesperson, was very professional and educated me on a number of options available. He took the time to clearly answer several pages of questions that I had. He provided a very professionally laid out proposal with all of the details and options. I interviewed five companies and McMaster was clearly the best choice.

The installation team was first rate, mannerly and kept me informed throughout the installation. They were very focused and diligent in their work. I tend to be a picky person and they clearly met my expectations and then some. It really shows that McMaster has put a lot of effort into training their employees in customer service. Well done !!!

Linda W., Laguna Niguel, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Air replaced our 30 year old central air system including redoing all of the duct work in the attic. They did an excellent job: explained the options up front and how the process would work, came on time and finished the work on schedule. They were able to move the furnace up in to the attic instead of the middle of the hallway where the old one was. Other contractors had told us that our attic was too small to do that. The new system works great-much more quiet and covers the whole house evenly for heating and cooling. Overall very professional.

Madineth M., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Very happy with this company. We had heating and a/c installed and they solved a LONG time problem that we have had getting a good airflow into our master bedroom. . .AWESOME coolness coming in now and we will be ready for hot weather. Not sure why other companies couldn't solve the problem as McMaster group took care of it with ease!! Also, solved a problem with getting the a/c raised as our unit is near where we have to backwash our pool. The system is nice and quiet. They replaced all of our vents which lets even more airflow than before. Group was very polite and professional. Would highly recommend!!

Lori F., Rsm, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


They installed Carrier Infinity A/C unit. We love it. This company has the best price and the best A/C unit. They are very professional from estimated to completed job. I highly recommend them and will refer them to friends and family!

Jae M., Rossmoor, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We researched and engaged several heat and air service companies. From the estimate, followup questions, installation and post installation check, McMaster was head and shoulders above the rest. We have already recommended McMaster to several friends.

Al R., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


My husband and I have been using Ron McMaster with McMaster Air & Heat for many years in our real estate career. We have successfully referred many clients to him for system upgrades, property rehabs and revovations. His equiptment reccmmendations are always right on, pricing always fair/competitive and installation and customer service are always excellent. He also just installed a complete heating system in our home that we are very happy with. Ron McMasters is an heating and air expert with high standards for his company and employees. I reccommend him highly.

Suzanne V., Laguna Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


From the inital estimate appointment to the final completion, we were really happy with the service. Each person that came to our home was very knowledgable, professional. The job they did was great, clean and accurate. All the inspections we had after were passed the 1st time. We would highly recommend this company to our friends and family.

Jennifer S., Lake Forest, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


My A/C was about 12 years old, completely inefficient, and was starting to leak. Instead of paying $2000 to get it repaired, I decided to shop for a new A/C and furnace.

McMaster Air & Heat were recommended on Yelp so I checked them out. They gave me options on what systems to buy, helped me with rebates, and even completely redid my air ducts in my attic as part of the A/C install. The duct work was not mandatory, but it needed to be done eventually and now my condo is better for it.

The installation went smoothly and the new system works great. Thank you!

Joseph F., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The work was quality and the service was excellent.The staff informed us of the So. California rebate program. The rebates saved us money and made it worth replacing everything for energy efficiency and doing the job right the first time. I will recommend McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning to my friends and neighbors.

Chriss E., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Excellent service! The job was performed quickly and professionally, not to mention the price I was quote was way less than a competitors quoted price for the same work.

tracy b., Huntington Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster installed a 2 tonne central air, 3 tonne central heating, air purifier and attic insulation in my 1930's home. They were confronted by challenges at every turn that required solutions that a seasoned professional would know that met local building code. They showed up promptly each day and worked quickly and as well coordinated team that managed to complete the install in 3 days in spite of the complications. I read many reviews on Carrier equipment and concluded that the install and comissioning of the system is at least as important as the choise of equipment. The installation is neat and as unobtrusive as possible. McMaster came highly recommended by a neighbor and friend and now i am happy to continue the recommendation.

Stephen L., Long Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Air & Heat was recommended to me by an acquaintance. They came out for a free estimate on the same day I called. I also received a quote through Home Depot. I selected McMaster based on price and the positive attitude compared to the other vendor. Once I gave the ok, they were out the next day. The complete 3-TON system (furnace and A/C condenser) was installed in less than 2 days. The HERS inspection passed without a problem. I was amazed at McMaster's promptness and professionalism. I would highly recommend McMaster to anyone.

Alan K., Brea, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster's was able to diagnose and solve problems that others could not and provided service to correct the problem. They also worked effectively with the equipment manufacturer. Great results.

John G., Newport Coast, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The five different individuals from McMaster Air & Heat were:

Friendly & courteous

Clean & neat

Highly professional

Open for questions

Fast but thorough

Efficient & knowledgeable

A very impressive group of people!

Richard S., Tustin, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


My entire unit went out unexpectedly and I received several quotes that were outrageous. McMasters came over and gave me a reasonable price. I was highly impressed with the professionalism of all people. The installation guys were great and the whole process was easy. Great company that is honest and trustworthy.

Mike H., Tustin, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I don't usually provide feedback (unless somethings not right), but my experience McMaster Air & Heat required me to provide one.

I've waited almost a year to write this review to give myself an opportunity to "test" the solution McMaster installed. I had the A/C, Furnace, and air ducts replaced. Previously, our upstairs rooms would be impossible to cool. Ron McMaster proposed adding ducts, changing the air flow to the various rooms and after almost a year since being installed, I can say it works.

At the time I was looking for an A/C replacement, I already had 2 (referral) proposals presented to me when I received an advertising flier in the mail from McMaster. Previously, I've never engaged a service provider via a mailing advertisement, but I wanted a 3rd estimate.

Ron McMaster came out and reviewed our current condition, listened to our requirements, and presented us with a recommended solution. Ron provided no sales jargan, just the facts. After a week of listening to my repeated questions of ensuring our upstairs would be able to cool efficiently, I selected McMaster Air & Heat.

The installation went great. They showed up when they said they would and completed the project in the timeframe Ron indicated. The installation team was outstanding...drop cloths used everywhere ensuring everything remained clean. They communicated with us what they were doing and provided training on the new system.

I realize that part of the success is based upon the Carrier A/C and Furnace unit that was installed, but when you have business that is knowledgeable to recommend the proper solution and a team to correctly install it, it equals a satified customer.

Duane D., Anaheim Hills, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews






Max L., Huntington Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I called McMaster Air & Heat after reviewing several online review sites and what stood out the most was how quickly they were able to respond and send someone out (literally next day). I was also impressed with that fact that this company did not try and upsell any other products or services, let alone try to replace unnecessary parts. They came out diagnosed the problem and fixed (the exact part) that needed to be replaced. They were honest, reliable and courteous . I intend on giving them any and all future business.

Greg U., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The job was done on time at budget and very professionally. The staff were a pleasure to work with.

Vance N., San Clemente, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We had our air conditioner, heater, and ducting replaced. The process was extraordinary from the initial inspection and quote through the final inspection. Every item was discussed prior to the installation, there were no surprises. All employees were top-notch; in addition to their craft skills they were professional, reliable, and accountable. They left the job site very clean and secure. The whole process was carried out in a timely, professional manner. They made a large, multi-day job very manageable and painless. I would highly recommend their services to anybody with heating and air service needs.

Randy F., Laguna Niguel, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I would like to thank you, and the entire McMaster Air & Heat Company in their professional manner, and installation of our Furnace\AC Unit. Although we haven't use the AC Unit yet, the Furnace heats the house so fast that we've only need to run it for about 5 minutes, and we're good. I have, and will continue to have no problems recommending McMaster to any of our neighbors wanting an A\C Unit, either new or upgrade.

Lynn A., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Get the job done on time, neat and clean. Very professionalism.

Cuong Q., Yorba Linda, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Air & Heat has always provided us with excellent service. All of their employee's are very knowledgeable & professional. Service is fast & efficient. They service all of our Dealerships.Fladeboe Buick-GMC / Volkswagon / Honda

We Highly recommend this Company!

Jim Maloney

Fladeboe Automotive Group

Jim M., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


From the first contact with Ron & James, they were professional. Their examination of our existing equipment, answering of all our concerns and questions was most helpful. They explained all options very carefully and thoroughly and once we had made our decision, acted promptly with the installation.

Their work crew were a pleasure to see in action. They worked well together and pleasantly functioned as one unit in accomplishing the many tasks involved.

They were very tidy and left our premises neat at the end of the day.

I would highly recommend McMaster Air & Heat for any home cooling/heating need.


Ronald N., Orange, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I highly recommed McMaster Air and Heat. They are efficient, professional and have excellent follow thoughe. I was impressed with them from the first visit. The installation went very smooth and without a hitch.

Mani C., Lake Forest, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I interacted with several employees all of whom treated me with exceptional kindness and respect.

Jeff, Laguna Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Nice professional job with good follow-up

Kirk, Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster Air provided detailed, profressional, in-depth estimate. All questions were answered promptly. On the selected installation date, the installers arrived promptly, were profressional and courteous. The job execution was flawless. The 3 installers were conscientious to wear booties over their shoes in the house, laid down tarp on the floor to not track undue dirt. When job was complete, the installers reviewed the work and gave quick demonstration to ensure my initial use was on target.

I would enthusiastically recommend McMaster Air.

Thank you.

james h., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Referals from friends aside, it is generally not easy to find good, competent service. For this job we were very lucky when we located McMaster on the Carrier web site and later in a newspaper ad. We liked the equipment and what it is designed to do. We really liked the salesman who called on us and explained all of the systems details. The installation went smoothly and the three installers were knowledgeable about the equipment and its installation, they were very professional, and, even though they had to make some modifications on the fly, they finished in one day. We are very pleased with our new system and happy that we had McMaster do the job.

Bill M., Placentia, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


Outstanding experience throughout the process. James Maloney visited our home to carefully review our needs and present options. Ours was a pretty complex job - after we selected the approach James returned with their top installer to review to ensure we could do what we wanted. When it came time for the installation, the crew was very professional, did a terrific job and cleaned up so well there was no trace they had been there! After installation James came by to insure we were happy and to provide instruction on how we could best utilize our new technology.

I could not give this team a higher reccommendation!

Todd A., Mission Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


After intensive research and obtaining several quotes, I selected McMaster Heat and Air to replace my inefficient and almost 30 year old furnace and A/C units.

Everything was explained upfront and as I came up with questions during the decision-making process, my emails were answered promptly and completely.

Their crew installed everything yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased. They were professional, neat and clean, and super-nice to deal with. All their work seems to have been performed with great attention to detail, the system tested, all the steps required for rebates etc. explained, and New Thermostat 101 completed. (And, my cat liked all three guys! If that isn't a good recommendation, I don't know what is.)

McMaster wasn't the lowest bid nor was it the highest. I did select the "Best" option of the three quotes they provided and am confident my decision was the best one for me. I now have A/C that works incredibly well, is so quiet you can't even hear it in the backyard, and I'm sure will be so much more affordable to run that we won't have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures like we've been doing for years.

All in all, these guys rock and I highly recommend them!

K. K., Lake Forest, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


I highly recommend McMaster. Being from out of state, we didnt know what company to contact. We needed two complete heating and a/c systems installed. Both Ron and James were most helpful in finding the Carrier products that suited our needs. The McMaster technicians who installed the new system were very professional and polite.

Patricia S., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The only item of note is that one or so of the technicians was a smoker. I did not see him smoke on my property or see any cigarette butts but the smell on him was strong. I noticed it in the home when he was there but not once he left.

Josh L., Newport Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


The team of people at McMaster were very professional and helpful. Our salesman made sure that we understood all of our options and really helped us get the best system possible at the best price. The installation team was exactly that. a team. They worked well together and were very careful to preserve our home. They minimized their impact on our home by covering the flooring and cleaning up after themselves. Thanks McMaster!

Mike H., Trabuco Canyon, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


We called McMaster Air to replace our heating and air conditioning unit. James was great answering all our questions and modifications to the proposal. He delivered the proposals as promised and was very punctual answering emails.

When it came time to do the install they arrived at the time promised and came prepared to do the job. James estimated two days worth of work and he was spot on. The team was great, taking time to cover flooring and clean up when they were done.

They also went the extra mile to explain the installation process and took extra time to confirm how the unit would be placed when installed. After installation they made sure to explain operation of the new system and answer all our questions.

I would recommend them if you're considering a project for your home.

Matt I., Aliso Viejo, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


They did a clean,fast,professional job. Thank you.

Steve ., Newport Beach, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


McMaster air installed central air and new furnace in my house. I got a couple of bids and McMaster came through with the most straight forward bid and the best price value. These guys do VERY professional work every step of the way. The were very clean and respectful while working in and around the house. I could not be happier.

peter s., Costa Mesa, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


These guys are great. Very professional in manner and in the quality of their work. They are also very down to earth with their recommendations. Great quality installation. Met rebate compliance for Energy Upgrade California program.

Rory K., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


Back in Feb 2010 I was shopping for center AC for my house. I went to carrier website and only look for authorized dealer with platinum service. 4 companies show up in my area so I decided to call all 4 companies for bidding. Among with all other 3 bidders Ron from McMaster did offer me most cost saving plan and suggestion. He is very easy to work and give out very useful information as far as type of equipments, optional package and installation date. He also provided me the necessary information for my tax return and rebate information. Now the AC is been installed for more than 3 months and I am still very happy with it.

Jay L., Anaheim, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


We highly recommend McMaster to anyone looking for honest, professional, and exemplary service. Ron, James, Anthony and the rest of the McMaster crew were excellent! They took care of all our needs and made sure that we were happy w/ the choices we selected. Everyone who came to our home during the installation were very knowledgeable and highly skilled. It was a pleasure having them take care of our central air/heating system installation and duct work replacement. They were available to answer all our questions before, during and after installation. Thank you McMaster! Looking forward to having your crew come out to manage our new system's yearly maintenance service.

Jotijo T., Mission Viejo, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


I noticed this company doing work at my neighbors house, so I decided to give them a call and get a quote since our A/C failed a few days prior. I had gotten several quotes before to repair/replace our A/C units at the house and was dreading having another company come in and give me their big sales pitch as to why we should by there products and tell me what i cant do with my current system. To my surprise i called and was able to have a sale rep show up at our home just a day after. His name was James he showed up, he was clean and very professional, he had a ton of information on our current situation. He took his time looking at our system and came up with a solution that would be fit our budget. Upon talking with him further he informed me of the rebates that carrier was offering in addition to the Edison rebates we could be eligible for if we replaced our systems. He wasn't trying to up sell me anything he was not pushing the sale he just said this is was it is and gave me a price for the good, the better, and the best. We ended up going with the Best system because it was offering the most amount of rebates and was actually cheaper than the better option and most efficient.

After signing our contract he was able to order the parts and get our installation scheduled within a few days after signing which was very helpful considering the heat wave we were experiencing at the time. The team we got to install our system was awesome. Jeff and Matt did an absolute phenomenal job on our installation. They were professional, they worked long hard hours to get our system working for us. We have two small kids and they knew that having them in a hot house was not good for us. They ended up having to replace the ducting in our attic and matt took his time to place the ducting in a way that created a huge amount of storage space in our attic. Jeff did an amazing job getting our outside condensing units situated, level typed up so everything was clean and looking perfect. Their attention to detail was 5 star. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to get a repair or full replacement system for their home. We are beyond satisfied. Our A/C is incredible, why better than before. Lets hope we see the savings on our electric bill now.

Corey S., Orange, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


There when I need them, works to accomodate my needs, my way. Reasonably priced and fair charges. I would recommend this company to anyone that is tired of being taken advantage of.

Donald T., Irvine, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews

A 10+ JOB

We did not know Ron McMaster prior to having him work in our home. Ron is a wonderful person to work with...we feel he is honest and he delivered what he promised. We feel Ron is knowledgeable about his product & gave us a very reasonable quote for our new air conditioner & heater along with some extra repair work done in our home. The job was done in a timely manner as promised. Ron's crew is very professional and they took great care to keep our home neat and tidy during and after the installation. We highly recommend Ron and his company...Mc Master Heating and Air Conditioning. The Coy's

Susie and Patrick C., San Juan Capistrano, CA Via McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Lobby Reviews


My mother lives in Laguna Woods retirement village. Earlier this week, the heating and air unit went out in her home. Trust me, it is a BIG issue when she does not have heat in her home. I called McMaster based on a recommendation to have them look at the unit. They were there in 20 minutes from when I called. I very professional tech looked at the unit. The bad news was that the unit really needed to be replaced (got same prognosis for a second heating company). They were able to replace the unit the next day at a price that was 50% lower than the other company (I will right a different review for them!!!). The owner of the company "Tom" (if I remember correctly) was very professional during the entire process and even offered to take out a portable heater to keep her warm for the night she would not have heat. Great company, great service - Thank you for taking care of my mother!

Michael F., Santa Rosa, CA Via Yelp Testimonial