4 Things That May Be Driving Up Your Winter Heating Costs

If you dread the winter season because of the significant increase in heating costs, there are a few things that you can do that can result in savings as well as make your home more comfortable. In today’s post, local heating and air conditioning company McMaster discusses some of the things that may be driving up your winter heating costs.

1. Faulty thermostat. A faulty thermostat is one of the most common reasons for service calls. Often, the problem isn’t rooted in the HVAC system itself, but in its controls — which is why HVAC troubleshooting always begins with the thermostat. Dirty connectors, dead batteries or improper programming can cause your system to receive the wrong signals and result in what seems to be a malfunction. If the thermostat turns out to be faulty, it can easily be replaced or upgraded.

2. Outdated heating system. Heating systems are subject to wear. An old heating system won’t be as efficient as it was when new. Continuing to use one that’s well beyond its expected lifespan will just result in less heating for your fuel or electricity budget. Heating repair will also likely cost more because old parts can be hard to find. New heating systems are built to be as efficient as possible, and the savings derived from replacing your old one can help offset some of the replacement costs.

3. Leaky air ducts. Leaks in the air ducts release warm air in areas that don’t need it. This causes your heating system to run at full capacity for longer in order to maintain indoor temperatures, which can result in higher fuel or energy consumption. Finding and addressing such leaks can be difficult, as many sections of an air duct system are hidden in the walls and the attic, and in most cases, repairs should be left to the professionals.

4. Poor home insulation. Sometimes the problem isn’t in the HVAC system at all, but in the enclosure itself. Poor attic and exterior wall insulation, as well as leaky windows and doors, will allow warm air to leak out. Like leaky air ducts, this will cause a perfectly-functioning heating system to run for a longer time. In addition to higher energy consumption, longer running times will increase wear on your HVAC system.

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