3 Add-Ons & Accessories to Improve Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is designed to maintain comfort inside your home. And while proper maintenance ensures that your HVAC equipment remains in good working condition, there are also HVAC add-ons and accessories that can help improve your system’s performance.

In this post, trusted HVAC services provider McMaster lists some of the add-ons and accessories that you can use to further maximize your heating and cooling system.

Zoning Systems

Rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight and areas that are close to the kitchen tend to be warmer than the other rooms in your home. Furthermore, some rooms may also be cooler than the rest of your home. These conditions often result in energy wastage since certain zones experience overheating or overcooling. A zoning system — which consists of thermostats, dampers and a control panel — can help prevent such issues as it can redirect the hot or cool air where it is needed. Basically, it enables you to program different temperatures for the different areas of your home.

Air Purifiers

Your HVAC filters are likely capable of capturing dust, dirt and pollen. But if you want to ensure better protection against air pollutants, you should consider getting an air purifier with an advanced filtering system. Some air purifiers can catch smaller particles like viruses and bacteria. And much like the air filter for your air conditioning system, it’s important to change your air purifier’s filter every few months to ensure its optimal efficiency.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

An energy recovery ventilator (EVR) works in a similar way as a heat pump. During winter, it transfers heat from outgoing air to incoming air. And in the warmer months, the process simply reverses. EVRs are also capable of removing odors, excess moisture and contaminants. They can get rid of bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds that your HVAC system’s air filter might miss.
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