4 Things to Expect After You Schedule an HVAC Installation

After you set up your HVAC installation, you’ll probably start wondering what will happen next. In today’s post, local heating and air conditioning company McMaster discusses what you can expect after you’ve scheduled your HVAC installation.

Payment plan — Most professional installations and home improvement projects, including HVAC installation, are rarely paid in full up front. You may already have made a down payment when you scheduled the installation. There will be one or two more installments to follow, with the last one usually due a few days after the installation is complete. If your new HVAC system is eligible for rebates, your HVAC contractor will help you complete the paperwork and registration.

Installation timeline — A whole-home heating or air conditioning system can take three to five days to complete, depending on how complex the installation project is. For example, if you’re replacing an old fuel-burning furnace with a heat pump, the house’s ductwork will need to be adapted for the new HVAC system. After the initial home inspection, your HVAC technician will discuss the scope of work that will be involved and the time it will take. Note that in case there are hidden issues found during the installation, such as damage to the ductwork or incorrect electrical connections, these may delay the project and incur additional costs.

Temporary lack of heating or air conditioning — You’ll have to make do without heating or air conditioning until the installation is complete. This is why HVAC installation is best done during the spring or fall — it won’t be as uncomfortable thanks to the milder weather. Plan ahead for your HVAC installation by making sure your fans and dehumidifiers are working.

Home protection — HVAC installation is usually less messy than most other types of remodeling projects; nevertheless, there will be dust and debris, especially if the installation work involves drilling into the exterior wall. You may need to protect items in the immediate area, particularly those sensitive to dust like electronics.

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