A Clean HVAC System For Cleaner, Healthier Air

Air pollutants, from dirt, dust, pollen and other air-born allergens, are the main causes of allergies and lung-related ailments. Most of these pollutants come into the house through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Most of these systems have a grid filter to ensure that the air inside the home is clean, but failure to maintain the heating and air conditioning system will result in letting pollutants in rather than out. To improve the air quality in your home it is important to schedule a Clean & Check of your HVAC system.

Most families are concerned with the condition of air pollution in the environment nowadays and choose to stay indoors because the air inside is not as dirty as the air outside. These people are unaware however, that air inside can be just as bad. Not many homeowners realize that indoor air-pollution is a growing health concern that can easily be addressed by setting up an appointment with their HVAC service providers.

Who is Qualified to Clean the HVAC System?

There are many companies that provide maintenance checks of registers and filters installed in the house. The company that installed your HVAC unit can also provide the routine maintenance of your AC, heating, and ventilation systems. Most companies send their own technicians for installation and maintenance, but it is always best to request NATE certified technicians to do the work instead.

NATE or the North American Technician Excellence, Inc. is the leading non-profit certification program for HVAC technicians so requesting for one ensure you’re getting the best man for the job. Requesting for NATE certified technicians can assure homeowners of fast, efficient, and thorough service. Their guarantee of proper installation and proper routine maintenance means reduced utility bills.

Keep in mind that some companies have technicians who are NATE certified but there are also some that are not certified. Therefore, it is important to find an HVAC contractor that hires NATE certified technicians so your HVAC unit will run at peak efficiency the first time and all the time.

When to Conduct Maintenance Checks?

It is also important to note that frequent maintenance is different from routine maintenance of your AC, heating, and ventilation systems. Homes are different from one another so it is impossible to provide a specific timeline on when to have the air ducts in the home cleaned.

You should have the air ducts checked and cleaned when you see substantial mold growing inside the ducts of your heating and cooling system. Consider having your heating and cooling system checked when you smell a musty odour inside your home. Asking your NATE certified technicians to provide an estimate on when to conduct maintenance checks can also help you determine when it is a good time to have the air ducts cleaned and filters changed.

Homeowners can also prevent dirt from entering the homes air system by changing their filters every one to six months or as needed. If filters often get clogged with vermin or dust then having them changed frequently is advised.

What Are the Benefits You Get From Cleaning Your HVAC System?

There are multiple benefits that your home and its occupants can enjoy when the hone air quality is as its best.

You reduce the risk of allergies getting developed and/or triggered because air-born allergens stay outside the house. Regular checks and proper maintenance means reduced utility bills because your home air system is less likely to break down when it is kept in prime condition. Your clean heating and sir conditioning system won’t have to work twice as hard to maintain the temperature you desire so less energy will be used.

Better air quality in the home can ensure a healthier living space so you can enjoy clean and healthy air.