Adding Air Conditioning To A Boiler

Boiler systems are used to heat the home during cold winter months while air conditioning systems are used in the summertime to keep the indoor space cool. The two are not interchangeable. For this reason most people get confused when the discussion about how they are used turns to integrating the two systems. Adding Air Conditioning To A Boiler is possible.

It makes little sense trying to operate a heating system in a manner for which it was not designed, but that in no way prevents both systems from being installed alongside one another. Therefore, it is possible to increase the comfort of a home by adding air conditioning.

Three options are available when it’s time to add new or replace an air conditioning system in a home with a boiler heating system. To begin with, a mini-split AC system can be installed with an air handler and condenser installed outside the home and in the wall. These are designed to cool specific portions of the building and is an affordable option, often starting at $3,500.

Second is an AC system in which the condenser is installed on the outside of the home and the air handler in the attic. Cooled air is distributed throughout the home or to specific rooms by way of air ducts. This system can also be used to heat the home if desired and comes at a higher price. Homeowners can expect to pay from $8,000 to $15,000 for these units.

Next is an attic air system, also called high velocity. The difference between this system and the attic air system is primarily in the ductwork. The high velocity system uses smaller, round tubing instead of rigid ducts. Noise levels on this system are lower while delivering better cooling. It is also more aesthetically appealing at a cost of $12,000 to $20,000.

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