All About Carrier Cor Smart Thermostats

Carrier Cor thermostats deliver smart technology to help you heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible. While traditional thermostats have long been the standard, smart thermostats are quickly replacing this outdated device.

Why Choose Carrier Cor Thermostats

Carrier Cor thermostats have a number of functions and features that can take the guesswork out of using your HVAC system efficiently. This device will help you lower your heating and cooling costs by decreasing the amount of wasted energy. With the plethora of information that this thermostat provides, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge about how you use your system, and how to better use it moving forward.

Simple Design

The Cor thermostat is a small 3.5-inch device that is installed on the wall just like a traditional thermostat. It has a sleek, black design and an easy-to-use touchscreen that enables to you move through various screens. Since this device resembles a smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t protrude from the wall, but instead blends easily into its surroundings. Instead of wrestling with difficult buttons, you can navigate through the prompts in order to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Tools for Energy Efficiency

The Carrier Cor thermostat gives you real-time information that helps you use your energy wisely. You get monthly energy usage reports that give you interactive tips for energy efficiency. The thermostat also gives you a 4-day weather forecast, and it even has a smart setback feature that monitors the temperature and humidity both inside and outside the home. With this feature, the system can adjust its settings in order to optimize efficiency while still delivering the desired level of heating and cooling. The smart thermostat can even remove excess humidity from the home.

Wi-Fi Capabilities

The Cor thermostat uses Wi-Fi in order to give and receive information. Since it is Wi-Fi enabled, you can also access the system away from home by downloading the app onto any smart device. This app allows you to change the settings even when you’re not at home, which greatly increases your energy efficiency. You can even adjust the settings while on vacation.

Take the guesswork out of heating and cooling your home by having a Carrier Cor thermostat installed. Every Cor thermostat is set up by a qualified Carrier technician, and you can have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in something that can help you for years to come.

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