Arctic Chills When Summer Heat Steals Warm Weather Thrills

We all love and anticipate the warmth of summer months, especially when battling a blizzard in January. However, once those warm weather days arrive, most of us wish that the cool of a winter blizzard would reappear inside our homes. Unfortunately, when we do not prepare for hot months they can catch us off guard. By following a few summer cooling tips, homeowners can relax in comfort while saving energy and money as well.

Simple tips to stay cool in summer such as making sure all of the ceiling fans are reversed into a counter clock-wise motion, lowering the thermostats and relying upon fans to help keep cool, and making sure all windows and doors are sealed are great ways to reduce the strain of high energy bills. Having a professional HVAC company install heating and cooling zones within a home is another way to reduce energy bills. Installing programmable thermostats and more energy efficient hvac units when necessary also play a major role in reducing cooling costs.

Keeping a home cool all day will also stack up the savings, and increase the comfort. A home that is not kept at a maintained temperature can be entirely too difficult to cool down once a homeowner gets home. An air conditioning unit can only change a home’s temperature around 20 degrees, so homes that are not kept at a reasonable temperature will be uncomfortable and hard to cool down.

When combining several house cooling tips homeowners will see drastic changes in comfort and savings. Additional things like remembering to keep blinds or shades and drapes pulled shut while the heat of the day is beating down will help maintain a cooler home. Using heat reducing curtain panels and white hues of blinds and shades will make significant differences in comfort. Planting shade trees around windows and air conditioning units will help a unit become more efficient.

Though all of these cooling tips for your home are helpful, please remember to keep air conditioning filters changed regularly for cleaner air and a more efficient system. Out of all the tips to stay cool in the summer, the one a homeowner should never forget or delay is to schedule maintenance and tune ups on their homes hvac unit. Don’t wait until the summer heat has got you down; make sure your unit is ready to blast the chill of the arctic inside your home by scheduling an hvac tune up today.