Are Your Air Vents Making Too Much Noise?

One of the top factors that influence whether or not homeowners purchase certain heating and air conditioning systems is the amount of noise they make. In fact, many manufacturers demonstrate how quiet their units operate as a show of their superior quality. So when you start to hear odd noises coming from your HVAC system, you know that something has gone wrong.

Noisy vents are rarely the main problem. They’re more likely to be symptoms of an underlying issue within your heating and cooling system. Understanding where the sounds are coming from and what’s causing them can go a long way toward keeping your system in good condition. Here are some of the best tips from our HVAC professionals at McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning.

Identifying the Source

It’s normal to hear a low humming sound coming from within the duct network of your heating and air conditioning system. This noise is the sound of the blower fans running, and shouldn’t be loud enough to be heard from outside the vents. Here are some other potential sounds you might hear beyond the usual hum of the fans:

  • Loud hissing noises that are typically caused by air escaping from leaks within the ducts, or worse, the coils themselves.
  • High-pitched ringing from the return vents due to low return air.
  • Banging noises which indicate that something has become loose or detached from the main unit.

Resolving Noisy Vent Issues

In some cases, a minor adjustment is all that’s needed to resolve unwanted noises coming from inside the vents. However, when the problems extend far beyond DIY solutions, it’s time to enlist the help of your local cooling and heating repair professionals. This is especially true if neutralizing the noise at its source means making major changes to your duct network and return vents.

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