Buying A New Carrier HVAC System? Use These Terms To “Talk The Talk”

When you want to purchase a new Carrier HVAC system, you should know the terms that you are likely to come across at a contractor’s shop. Educating yourself on the meaning of the terms can be beneficial and will help you know what to expect from a system you are purchasing. It is advisable to ask for recommendations from an experienced HVAC contractor on the best system to go for. You should also buy your unit from a Carrier factory authorized dealer in your area.

Some of the common HVAC terms that you will come across in your search for a new system include the following:

The refrigerant: This is a liquid substance that circulates through the AC. It absorbs and releases heat as required based on how the air conditioner has been set.

The coil and evaporator: These two AC components work together to enable refrigerant flow in the air conditioner and release heat. The coil may have fins to increase its surface area and thus release more heat within a short time. In the evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the surroundings and turns to a low-temperature vapor.

The compressor and condenser: These component work hand in hand to compress and condense the refrigerant respectively as it circulates in the system. When the refrigerant is compressed, its temperature increases and turns it to vapor. On the other hand, when it condenses, it liquefies and gives off heat to the surroundings.

The expansion device: This device causes the AC temperature to drop by releasing the pressure that the compressor creates. When the pressure is released, the refrigerant turns from vapor to a vapor-liquid mixture form.

The plenum: This is an air compartment that distributes warmed or cooled air all around the system. The component is generally located immediately above the heat exchanger.

Buying a Carrier HVAC Unit
Many stores stock Carrier AC units. Ensure the unit you are buying is original and comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. McMaster Air Conditioning in Orange County offers original units that will serve your home for a good number of years without needing replacement. McMaster has won the Carrier President’s Award 4 years running

Knowing the terms related to HVAC will enable you to better understand whether the system that you want to purchase will be efficient. If you are buying or replacing your HVAC for the first time, it is advisable to contact a local HVAC contractor for advice on selection.

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