Choosing Energy Efficient Heating And Cooling Replacements

Many homeowners today are environmentally conscious and work hard to be sure that they are being environmentally responsible in the way that they run their home. This is one reason that many homeowners are looking for ways to be more efficient in the amount of energy that they use in their home for heating and cooling. If you are searching for a way to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible in your home, you might want to replace heating and cooling equipment that is less efficient with high-efficiency units. This could provide you with a good way to get quality heating and cooling and reduce the higher energy bills that you might be experiencing now.

Deciding whether it is time to replace heating and cooling equipment can be challenging for homeowners. While it is a big investment, it also provides potential to give you excellent return on that investment by way of energy savings. Lower energy use translates into greater savings on energy bills. There are several things to consider when you are unsure if you should replace your heating and cooling unit or not. Age of your current heating and cooling unit is the first thing to look at. Typically, if your heating and cooling unit is over 10 years old it is likely to be less efficient and require more energy to do the work that it once did.

Energy Star is a program developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to help individuals and businesses save energy by using energy efficient products. According to program, using an Energy Star qualified furnace can provide you with 15% more efficiency than other equipment. In addition, using an Energy Star qualified boiler can provide you with 5% more efficiency than other new models. Watching for this Energy Star approval on units you might be considering can dramatically change the efficiency of the unit.

Remember when replacing your heating and cooling unit that you may also want to replace your old thermostat. New programmable thermostat options provide you with another way to save on your energy use. These thermostats allow you to program them to change temperatures at certain times of the day and days of the week. This means that your heating and cooling system will only be using energy when you need it to and not when the home is empty. This is another way to make sure you are adding to the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling unit.

If you choose to replace your heating and cooling unit, it is wise to contract with an installation professional. They can provide you with accurate information about what size unit you need for your home, what programs might be available in your area to provide you with a rebate for installing Energy Star rated equipment and which units will provide you with a long lifespan for the unit. While the expense of installing a new heating and cooling unit might seem like more than you planned on, the savings you will find in energy and the environmental advantages are priceless.