Dealing With Emergency Air Conditioning Problems

There is nothing more inconvenient than air conditioning breaking down in the middle of the night, or during the hottest of days. Depending on the situation, repairing a malfunctioning HVAC system can be expensive, but emergency repairs will, of course, be even more expensive. That’s why it’s important to discuss emergency heating and air conditioning breakdowns and how to deal with them as painlessly as possible.

Never Fix Broken Heating and Air Conditioning Yourself

It’s an ungodly hour and calling a technician doesn’t sound like a good plan. However, most experts disagree. Even if you think you’ve Googled enough tutorials to believe you can try to fix a sudden problem with your HVAC system, there’s simply no substitute for the expertise of a real technician. Attempting to repair the issues yourself can cause a lot more damage, which will cost you more than having someone come out and repair your system in the first place.

What Can You Do?

There are steps you can take to deal with emergency heating and air conditioning repair, without causing further problems.

  • Check the settings on your thermostat. Often, your air conditioning has stopped working because someone messed with the thermostat and accidentally put the system on hold or on vacation setting. Check to see if the temperature setting is lower than the current temperature. There’s no worse feeling than calling for a heating and air conditioning technician to come out to your home only to have him turn the power on. If your system is not working, it’s best to make sure that it’s running first.
  • Dust, debris, and other contaminants will clog up your air filters. This makes it seem like your air conditioning is not working. Keeping the filters clean will make a big difference on the functionality of your system.

Call McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning

If none of the above solutions solve your HVAC issues, call in the experts at McMaster Heating & Air Conditioning at (949) 481-7995. Their emergency repairs are available 24/7. With years of experience and customer trust, McMaster services are second to none in Orange County and all nearby areas.