Don’t Believe These Wasteful HVAC Myths

Summer is just around the corner, and families are bound to start cranking up their air conditioning system before long. This is especially true today, as more and more people are choosing to stay at home. With this much usage expected, it’s more important than ever to learn a few  things about your trusty air conditioner, as well as debunk some of the most widespread myths surrounding ACs in general.

While there are hundreds and thousands of references you can find to help you understand more about how cooling and comfort works in your home, there are also some sources of misinformation that could jeopardize your system. Here  our HVAC experts at McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning explain some of these myths and show you the truth about your air conditioning.

Fans vs. Air Cooling

Many heating and air conditioning models use fans to circulate air indoors. When moving air hits your skin,  it helps evaporate sweat, making you feel cooler. However, fans technically don’t actually lower the temperature in a room. This is a common misconception. You can maximize the use of your cooling unit, however, by using a ceiling fan to facilitate airflow in your home.

Lower Temperatures for Faster Cooling

Another misconception disguised as good advice is that lowering the temperature of your air conditioner will make it cool the house quicker. While it won’t do this, it will, however, cause the unit to consume more power. To really accelerate the cooling process, you’ll want to turn your fans on full-blast during the first few minutes.

Turning Off the AC When Not in Use

Our cooling and heating repair experts recommend raising the temperature instead of turning your AC off completely when you’re leaving for the day. Power cycling too much causes your unit to consume an excess amount of energy; more energy than if you leave it running at a much higher temperature.

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