How Important Is It To Get The Right Size Of Heating And Cooling Equipment?

Heating and cooling equipment need to be finely tuned to their location in order to provide optimum performance. Match the rooms with the right sizes for the air conditioner and the heater. Improper HVAC sizing will only lead to multiple problems and frustrations.

Problems with Oversizing

An oversized A/C will be able to cool a room faster than it actually should. Most might think that the increased speed is good but it can actually backfire. The system will go on idle mode before it is able to lower the humidity. This is called short cycling. Inhabitants will feel clammy because of the combination of cold air and high humidity. This can be a big problem during the summer when the amount of moisture in the air is at its highest.

When it comes to the heater, having a larger one than is actually necessary might result in uncomfortably hot rooms. Things can sway between being too hot at one moment and being too cold the next. It’s not the most comfortable situation which negates the point of having an HVAC system installed in the first place.

Of course, oversizing also means spending more than you really need to both for the system acquisition and the energy consumption. It is a waste of valuable resources. Be sure to get professional estimators when planning on the cooling and heating solutions.

Problems with Undersizing

Going below the necessary size brings its own share of concerns. An undersized A/C might take forever to cool a room. You will have to wait for a long while after coming home from work to feel comfortable again. It may not even be enough to counter the scorching heat on a particularly hot day.

A very small heater will not do anyone favors during winter either. It may become difficult to sleep at night and you will need layers upon layers of blankets just to make up for the lack of warmth. This could result in sweating which is extremely uncomfortable during a cold day.

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