How Long Can I Expect My Commercial HVAC System to Last?

Even the most expensive commercial HVAC system that’s installed by a capable heating and air conditioning company can’t be expected to last forever. When the time comes, your commercial unit will eventually need to be replaced. But no worries–a brand-new system will last many, many years. Exactly how long no one can really say for sure; however, we do have some general expectations. Here are a few factors that will affect your commercial HVAC unit’s lifespan.

Maintenance Schedule

As with any piece of major equipment, your HVAC system will need a lot of TLC over the course of its service life if you want it to run smoothly. Even the most durable system won’t continue to chug along indefinitely without proper maintenance.

For this reason, it’s important that you partner with a trusted local air conditioning contractor for regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance can drastically increase the expected lifespan of your unit. This mainly involves changing the filter every couple of months, cleaning the air ducts and replacing any worn-out parts. 

Quality of Installation

Remember, your commercial HVAC system will only be as good as the installer behind it. A high-quality HVAC installation can add years to your commercial unit. However, this goes both ways: if your commercial HVAC installation was done poorly, you could end up replacing it sooner than expected. Always work with an experienced company when dealing with HVAC maintenance and installation.

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