How to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Lockdown

In today’s world, we can only follow the rules of social distancing and lockdown procedures to help flatten the curve. While there’s not that much to do while you’re confined in your own home, it pays to give your home a maintenance check. This is actually important, especially your indoor air quality. As specialists in Carrier® HVAC repair, we know how crucial it is to keep indoor air quality clean and free from contaminants. 

Why Clean Air Is Important for Your Home

Helping us understand the importance of indoor air quality is Delphine Farmer, an associate professor of atmospheric chemistry at Colorado State University. She and her colleagues had conducted an in-depth study that measures the emissions of indoor air pollutants coming from daily home activities. It was clear for them to see just what kind of molecules are present within the air quality of a normal home. And based on the results, she dubbed the term as “indoor smog”, which potentially affects your home’s indoor air quality.

Even with a well-maintained heating and air conditioning system, indoor air quality can still be compromised. In one study, people actually think better when they’re aware that the air they’re breathing is filtered. So when you consider installing an air purification system in your home, you’re doing this not only to eliminate possible contaminants in your indoor air, but also for the peace of mind that your home’s air is clean.

Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

You can have a whole-home air purification system installed, so you can be confident that the air you breathe is clean from any virus or bacteria. It can eliminate smoke as well, but it’s still best to use the vents of your gas stove whenever you’re cooking.

As much as possible, avoid the frequent usage of artificial air fresheners. Any kind of sprayable cleaners and grooming products can circulate along the indoor air, which is not good for the lungs. Don’t forget to check your HVAC unit’s air filters as well. It must be done regularly if you want to maintain your unit in good running condition. Clean them when needed, and replace them when it’s already past their lifespan.

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