Should I Get a Maintenance Plan or a Home Warranty?

While HVAC home warranties and maintenance plans may seem interchangeable, they offer different benefits and services that make a difference in the long run. Companies issue home warranties in hopes that their customers won’t use them, but maintenance plans are distributed with the idea that regular service can save customers, and the company, money.

1. HVAC Cleaning and Checkups

Maintenance plans cover a free professional cleaning and a detailed inspection every six months. These services will help ensure the longevity of your HVAC system. Certain repairs aren’t covered by a home warranty if the customer hasn’t completed regular maintenance, which ultimately leaves the customer monetarily liable for these repairs.

2. Discounts on HVAC Repairs and Parts

Home warranties often require you to pay a deductible before work can begin, and you will most likely encounter repairs that the warranty won’t cover. Maintenance plans generally offer discounts on parts and services in order to save their customers money.

3. Lower Utility Bills

Since you get regular tune-ups and cleaning with a maintenance plan, your HVAC system will be in better overall shape. This in turn saves you money on your utility bill, as your system will be up to par. When HVAC systems aren’t cleaned regularly, it often takes more energy to heat and cool your home. Your system may cycle quickly, which puts extra pressure on the units, and dust, dirt and grime can all clog mechanisms, lowering the quality of your indoor air.

4. Priority Scheduling for Repairs

When you call for service, you may find yourself at the end of a very long line if you have just a warranty. Warranties don’t offer any type of preferential treatment, and in the meantime, you may not be able to use your system. Many maintenance plans allow their customers to be placed at the top of the list, and you can often get service that very same day.

5. Trustworthy HVAC Service

Service performed under a maintenance plan is through the company you purchase it from. This ensures you’ll be getting repairs done by a company you already trust. With a home warranty, you can’t choose your repair company, and these contractors often try to obtain higher revenue than they get just from the home warranty company. This means you might end up paying twice as much for the same service.

There is much to consider when deciding between a home warranty and a maintenance plan, but for greater peace of mind, you might find that a maintenance plan is the best option.

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