The Annual Furnace Exam: Why It’s So Important?

As a homeowner, you have probably heard about the annual furnace exam but you do not know why it is so important. To begin with, this is not one of those schemes that are meant to fetch your hard-earned money. Annual furnace maintenance is a very important procedure that is highly recommended for any homeowner with a furnace because of its numerous benefits.

Prevention of respiratory diseases

During the process of circulating warm air into the house, the furnace might spread air bone particles that lead to respiratory diseases when inhaled into the human body system. Such particles are invisible and by the time you realize that you or your loved one is sick, it might be too late. However, you do not have to wait for such incidents to happen because you will be required to pay huge medical bills to treat a disease that could have been prevented at the first place.

Experiencing the real value of your furnace

The furnace is completely useless to you if you cannot regulate the temperature as you wish. This is one of the reasons why this routine maintenance program plays a crucial role in detecting various faults affecting it in advance, and therefore providing enough room for correction. Some problems such as dirty or clogged filters, faulty thermostats or leaks can be fixed through regular inspections and therefore improve efficiency.

Avoiding serious home accidents

A faulty furnace has the capacity to create a regrettable and irreversible accident at your home. For instance, when it leaks, it releases carbon monoxide, which is a dangerous, colorless and odorless gas. When people inhale this gas unknowingly, they face the risk of suffocating or even death if they do not get immediate medical attention. Such cases occur especially when the family is asleep.

However, all is not lost because you still have a chance to avoid such terrible incidences. Give your local HVAC contractor a call if you need professional furnace inspection particularly at the end of summer or early autumn before the cold season sets in. Do not waste any more time; talk to your local HVAC technician for quality furnace inspection, repair or replacement service.