The Different Kinds Of Air Conditioning Systems

No matter whether we are talking home or commercial establishments, air conditioners as well as other types of heating and cooling systems have become all but indispensable. Now, when it comes to air conditioners, there are different types of air conditioning systems and a number of different terms are used in connection to them. This may sometimes lead to confusion for a common buyer. The present article will give you a list of the most common air conditioner types and will talk briefly about how the units are constructed and how they work. The knowledge, we hope, will help you make an informed choice the next time you go to buy an air conditioner unit.

Window air conditioners: You may have already heard about ‘unitary’ air conditioners and window air conditioning units are one such example of a unitary unit. The other is portable air conditioner, but it is much less commonly used than widow conditioners. These units are installed in a window (hence the name), although they can be placed through a hole in one of the exterior walls of your building. All the refrigerant components (compressor, condenser, refrigerant, evaporator oil and expansion valve) in these units are included in a compact the box, which is why they are called unitary units. These units release the cooled and fresh air inside the conditioned space and eject the heated air outside from the other end.

Portable air conditioners: This is another variety of unitary air conditioners. These units are typically used in places of excessive heat. Like window systems, the unit assembles all components in a compact box. However, unlike the former, portable systems can be placed on the floor with a hose vent that releases the heated air outside.

Ductless or split air conditioners: These types again are known by another technical name which is PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner). The systems consist of two different units—the condensing unit consisting of condenser fan, condenser and compressor are placed outside and the evaporative unit which includes expansion valve, fan and the coil are located in the interior of the house. Central Air Conditioners is a more elaborate version of this same type of PTAC conditioners.

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