The Latest HVAC Advancements Every Homeowner Should Know About

Though you may not realize it, the HVAC industry is constantly creating new innovations that make it more cost effective and convenient for homeowners to heat and cool their homes.  From self-diagnosing HVAC systems to equipment that adjusts its controls based on the space around it, the HVAC industry continues to provide smarter and more sophisticated products to keep homes comfortable.

3 HVAC Advancements for Homeowners

There are a variety of new HVAC advancements and technologies available to homeowners that make the heating and cooling process simple and convenient. Though some of these products are not widely available on the market just quite yet, here are just 3 recent advancements that homeowners can start implementing today:

Smart Technology

Smart thermostats are a popular HVAC technology for homeowners, and with good reason! Smart thermostats allow you to connect to your thermostat on your smartphone or computer through a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected, you can adjust temperature settings no matter where you are. This helps you save on energy costs by adjusting the temperatures to use less energy when you are not home. In addition to smart temperature control, you can also control the airflow in every room of your house using a smart ventilation system. This allows homeowners to make sure that each room in the house is adjusted for maximum comfort.

Motion Sensor Cooling

Another HVAC technology that has the potential to change the way that homeowners heat and cool their homes is motion sensor cooling. Using motion detectors, you can activate your air conditioning or heat to turn on when people enter the room and turn off once they leave. This helps you save energy by only heating or cooling rooms that people are using instead of your whole house. By pairing this technology with a programmable thermostat or smart ventilation, you can make sure that your home is always at an optimal temperature no matter what time of the year it may be and each member of your family is comfortable at a temperature that is just right for them.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Chances are that not everyone in your home likes their space the same temperature. Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) helps correct this problem by allowing you to simultaneously heat and cool different areas of your home. VRF uses many several small air handlers that are individually controlled instead of one large unit. Rather than having to heat or cool your entire home in order to affect temperature in just one room, this technology allows you to heat and cool different areas of your home to different temperatures all while cutting down on wasted energy and saving on your electricity costs.

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