Tips On How To Do Preseason Heater Check

Many people normally ignore preseason heater check because during summer, the heaters are not used so it becomes very easy to forget to perform a routine heating maintenance procedure. These procedures are very important because they cut down the costs of heater maintenance. However, when winter season sets in, that is when many people run up and down looking for technicians to ensure that their heaters are in good condition. You can avoid this hustle by making use of the summer season when technicians are readily available to ensure that your heater is working well. It is important to have your heating system checked before winter by a professional if you want to be completely at peace during the winter season. The following are some tips on how to prepare your heater for the winter season.

Routine heating maintenance process is an easy task which will not take much of your time. In addition, you will have peace of mind knowing that your heater is safe. You will need the following tools for the job: a screw driver, a flash light, a new air filter, bearing oil meant for light motors, and a vacuum cleaner.

Because this is an electrical appliance, start by switching off the power to the heater. Look for the circuit breaker from the electrical power panel and switch it off. Also, ensure that the gas or fuel valve is off, depending on whether your heater uses gas or fuel.

Next, open your heater and vacuum its interior so as to remove dust. Make sure that all the corners are free of any loose debris. Use the flashlight if you cannot see well.

It is now time to change the air filter. In fact this is very important and one of the easiest jobs which should be done on a monthly basis especially during the winter season.

You should now check the working condition of the fan belt in your heater. There is a motor that is responsible for driving the belt which then forces air through the vents. Check for the functionality of the belt and especially if there is any wear or slack. Be very careful when doing this because if a belt does not function properly, the functionality of the whole unit will be affected. Replace the belt if necessary.

If your heater has bearings which are not permanently sealed, make sure you add some oil. Finally, put everything back together. In order to get the best out of your heater, make sure that during summer you do this inspection and tuneup of your heating system monthly.