Troubleshooting Your HVAC System

Chances are that our home’s heating or cooling system is at work right now as you are reading this. Though you may not think about it often, this system works hard to keep you at comfortable temperatures, no matter the season. However, what would you do right now if you found your a/c not working, or your furnace malfunctioning? Since we depend so much on these systems in our home and repairs can be so pricey, you might want to panic. Before you panic and call for help, take a deep breath and try these simple steps to diagnose HVAC problems and find out why your home is not the temperature it should be.

1. Have you changed the air filter?
Many homeowners overlook this important step with home and HVAC maintenance. Your home’s HVAC system must have its filter changed at least every quarter. Some systems or filters may require more frequent changes, such as every 30 days. If your filter has not recently been changed, this could be a portion of the problem. A dirty filter will cause your system to not run as efficiently, and can even pollute your home’s air with dust, allergens, and debris.

2. Does your home have power?
You can avoid expense and embarrassment by checking the power to your home before calling your HVAC contractor. If your home does not have power, for whatever reason, your heating and cooling system will not work. Many contractors have been called to homes, only to find out that this was the root of the problem and troubleshooting air conditioning was not needed.

3. Has the circuit breaker tripped?
Check your home’s breaker box. If the breaker to the HVAC unit has been tripped, the breaker will need reset. If it trips again, you should call an electrician to look further into the problem, as breakers were meant to trip for safety reasons. In most cases, the breaker turns out to not be the problem, rather something in the wiring pulling more electricity than it was meant to.

If these steps leave your furnace or a/c not working still, it is time to call in the pros. Call your trusted HVAC contractors today to get your home back to a comfortable temperature.