What Happens If Your Duct System Is Poorly Installed

The flexible air duct is truly a wonder of modern home comfort. These “flex” ducts require fewer materials to make and are relatively easier to install than their older counterparts. However, with any HVAC fixture, an important aspect of it performing well is to have it installed properly. McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning has fixed plenty of nightmare flex duct installations

The Root of the Problem

The Vice President of Sales for QuietFlex, Houston, Rick Young says that the cause of all air duct-related problems in HVAC can be traced to poor installation. He notes that the most common error is improper sizing. “Contractors often put in a 6-inch duct, when ACCA’s Manual J might call for an 8-inch duct,” he says. “Another problem is that ducts are not always properly joined together, which results in leakage. Only tape that meets UL181 standards should be used, but some contractors still use duct tape, and they shouldn’t.”

Poor Installation

In a recent ENERGY STAR® study, the government agency reports that 20% of airflow within a home’s duct system is lost through leaks. This causes a chain reaction beginning with the HVAC system straining itself in order to satisfy temperature needs. If you suspect that your flex ducts are placed incorrectly or installed poorly, you will need the professional help to address any issue that arises.

Uneven Cooling

McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning ensures that all ductwork placed in their installation is done completely, properly, and is left in excellent working condition. Leaks and holes in the ducts often leave cold spots or hot spots in certain areas of the home. If you notice any differences in the ambient temperature, faulty ducts could be an underlying problem.

Proper Installation Guaranteed

With over two decades in the HVAC Industry, our professionals here at McMaster Heating and Air Conditioning take pride for the quality of our service. Try us today by giving us a call at (949) 481-7995.