What Is Two-Stage Heating?

When you’re looking for a quiet and energy efficient solution for heating your home or business, two-stage heating is often the preferred choice. Two-stage heating offers a number of important benefits that make it an excellent choice across a wide range of environments and budgets.

Older HVAC technology often relied on a single stage furnace; however, with new technology, two-stage heating has proven to be more energy efficient as well as better able to deliver a more comfortable environment. With a single stage or single speed furnace, whenever the unit is running, it is delivering heat at maximum capacity. Of course, depending on the environment, this might be much more than is needed.

A two stage heating system is able to function at less than maximum capacity, ensuring longer operation. With the system running longer, it does not have to deliver a blast of heat, so indoor temperatures tend to remain more consistent. This helps create a more uniform temperature throughout your home, but it also reduces energy usage. With more energy efficient operation, homeowners also see lower heating bills.

When your heating system is running longer, but at a lower capacity, the air filter in your HVAC system will have a better opportunity to filter out harmful pollutants. When irritants are removed from the air your family breathes, they’ll be less likely to suffer with respiratory problems or allergy symptoms.

While consistent heating and energy efficiency are certainly important factors when choosing a new HVAC system, many homeowners also enjoy the quiet operation of a two stage furnace. Because a two stage heating system will often run at less than maximum capacity, it provides quieter operation of your heating equipment. Of course, if the temperature drops, your two-stage heating system can move into full operation and generate heat at maximum capacity to meet your comfort needs.

The right heating system is generally a balance between functionality, price and energy efficiency. With excellent performance and better efficiency, a two-stage furnace is often the preferred choice for many homeowners.

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