Why Your HVAC System Makes Banging & Grinding Noises

Your heating and air conditioning system is designed to run as quietly as possible. During its startup or even its operation, it may make low sounds that are barely audible. The idea was to create a system that promotes relaxation while working silently in the background to provide comfort and temperature regulation. This is why the moment you hear loud banging or grinding noises coming from your HVAC system, you know something has gone wrong.

Noise is rarely an accurate gauge for diagnosing HVAC problems, but it can be an effective early indicator. There are many things inside your system that could cause grinding and banging sounds. Here our experts at McMaster walk you through a few of them, as well as suggest ways to handle these types of issues.

Furnace Noises

When your furnace starts up with a loud bang, either the burners are clogged with soot or you need a replacement HVAC TXV, or thermal exchange valve. When the burners are covered in dirt, this could prevent the gas from lighting up right away. This results in a slight build-up of gas which eventually causes a small explosion, resulting in a loud bang. This could damage your thermal exchange valve, which can be costly to fix.

Air Conditioner Grinding

Most metal-on-metal contact problems happen right at the blower fan. One reason for this is that the blower wheel has become loose and must be tightened. This could result in wobbly fan blades hitting the sides of the registers or ducts. It could also be caused by a broken motor mount, which can cause the blower fan to drop inside the casing.

Whining Sounds

If you hear any unusual noises coming from your system, contact a professional that can service Carrier air conditioner and heat pump systems right away. Whining sounds might not be as serious as the other two noises, but they could still cause some discomfort. The best way to address this issue is to call a technician for repairs immediately.

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