3 Common Problems with a Window AC

Share to TwitterShare to LinkedInShare to PinterestScheduling a seasonal HVAC inspection or repair service is crucial for the maintenance of your air conditioning system. Not only will this prevent breakdowns, it will also help you spend less on your energy bills and keep your home cool without any interruptions. That said, it’s important to understand the common problems that occur with window ACs. Here a reliable HVAC TXV provider shares five of them.

Dripping Water  

Have you ever encountered water dripping from the front of a window AC unit? This issue normally lies with the angle at which the air conditioner is mounted. As a general rule, the window AC should be mounted with a slight slope toward the rear. This allows the condensed water to flow outdoors through the drain pipe. To resolve this problem, a reinstallation is necessary.

Ice Formation

When the refrigerant level is too low, the cooling coil temperature drops below normal. This causes the moisture in the room to condense on the coil and freeze, in turn causing ice crystals to form in your service Carrier air conditioner. The most effective way to prevent this situation from occurring is calling a professional. A trained HVAC technician can determine the right level of refrigerant for your AC.

The AC Fails to Start

There are many potential reasons why your window AC isn’t starting. In many cases, it’s due to unexpected surges in current or too frequent on-off cycles. If your capacitors have burned, you can simply replace or repair them. However, there are instances where the circuit board has to be changed, so you’d better call an expert who can help you make informed decisions.

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