Tips for Energy-Efficient Home Cooling

Energy efficiency is one of the most significant topics when it comes to cooling residential and commercial spaces. If you want to keep your utility bills down and comfort levels up at home, make sure that you make smart decisions about HVAC systems and ventilation.

Here are some tips for cooling your home in an energy-efficient way:

Change your filters regularly. It’s common practice to change air filters every three months, but if your filters look filthy after a month, especially during the hot days of summer, then you should clean them or replace them with new ones immediately. A dusty, dirty air filter can slow down airflow and force your air conditioning system to work harder to keep the occupants cool, wasting energy in the process.

Install a programmable thermostat. A smart or programmable thermostat is useful, particularly for people who are usually away from home for long periods of time. According to a trusted heating and air conditioning company, the use of pre-programmed settings may help you save hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year.

Tune up your HVAC system yearly. Scheduling an annual inspection and maintenance service can help improve the energy efficiency of your cooling system. A professional will be able to spot small issues which can potentially lead to bigger, more costly problems. For example, a low refrigerant level will lead to inadequate cooling, resulting in higher energy consumption. In addition, it can cause your compressor to overheat, potentially resulting in system failure. 

Leaking ductwork is another common issue, so make sure to repair or reseal it to avoid losing air, which can lead to poor indoor air quality.

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