HVAC Maintenance Tips for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Small- to medium-sized businesses usually don’t have their own facility managers. Because of this, HVAC maintenance can take a backseat and potentially be neglected for years. Of course, as an SME owner, there are specific aspects of your business that you need to personally supervise, but heating and air conditioning cleaning, maintenance and repair aren’t included in these.

Nevertheless, there are still a few things that you can do to help keep your HVAC system in check. McMaster discusses a three-step process that you should always try to remember below:


Don’t make the same mistake as others who quickly jump to a conclusion and come up with a solution without taking the time to figure out the root of the problem. That said, you should hire a contractor to carry out a professional evaluation of your HVAC systems. This enables you to gain a better insight into what you should prioritize in order to save energy and reduce costs. Through this assessment, you can determine if there’s a need for upgrading or retrofitting your equipment as well as identify ways in which you can improve interior comfort and employee productivity.


Invest in the right HVAC system. Whether it’s an air conditioning or heating unit, make sure that your money is going toward equipment and appliances that can ensure energy efficiency and other long-term benefits. Again, working with a reliable contractor can help you correctly identify these things and avoid wasting your resources on solutions that won’t provide the best results.


Of course, it doesn’t end at having the right HVAC equipment for your business; you should be able to maintain it as well. Other business owners often try to cut corners and expenses by skipping out on scheduled maintenance. However, neglect can easily expose your HVAC systems to the risk of damage or premature deterioration. Never skip tune-ups, inspections or repairs.

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