Top HVAC Problems in Older Homes

Older homes have a unique charm and history that makes them all the more attractive. However, these qualities can easily be thwarted, especially by HVAC issues. In this post, air conditioning and heating expert McMaster lists some HVAC problems that commonly occur in older homes.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

It’s not uncommon for older homes to smell musty or moldy. If you haven’t updated your HVAC systems in a long time, you’re probably stuck with units or equipment that are out-of-date and less efficient than their modern counterparts. This means that your older HVAC units are likely to be less effective at keeping cool air inside and hot, humid air outside in the summer.

Of course, when outdoor air is able to enter your home, this could affect the humidity inside your home as well, and introduce your interior to certain pollutants. These pollutants can cause health issues like congestion, allergies and respiratory problems. The best solution to this is to modernize your HVAC system and ensure that there are no cracks in your home where air could leak in or out.

Lack of Airflow

Air ducts are crucial in moving hot and cool air throughout your house, ensuring that your interior is heated and cooled evenly. Ductwork generally has a longer service life than AC units and heaters. Cleaning and maintenance are essential to their longevity, so make sure to have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Air duct cleaning gets rid of dust, allergens and other microorganisms that could potentially block the flow of air throughout the house and prevent  your rooms from being properly heated or cooled.

Outdated Thermostats

Typically, old thermostats only have basic controls, and depending on their placement in your home, they can contribute to the wear and tear of your unit, frequent cycling and inefficient heating and cooling. Upgrade to modern thermostat technology, which will allow you to enjoy features that will enable you to better control your HVAC settings. With the right settings for your HVAC systems, you can maximize their energy efficiency and be able to keep them in good condition for a longer period of time.

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