Carrier HVAC Products Lives Up To Its Commitment For Home Comfort

The commitment of Carrier company for quality, value, and service to their customers sets them apart from the industry. This is the very reason why their four Carrier HVAC Products have been awarded the most prestigious Consumers Digest® Best Buy in its category. This feat is only awarded to less than three percent of the same products in the industry. The drive for the best Carrier HVAC Products is part of the vision of the company.

Introducing the Consumers Digest® Best Buy Awardees

Four of their products that have been awarded are the Carrier Infinity 19 heat pump, which is known for its functional values such as reliability, adaptability, and cost effectiveness. It works as a warmer in the winter months and an air conditioner during the summer. The sound reduction technology got the nod of Consumers Digest® Best Buy. The Boost 80 gas furnace is known for its reliable performance with its 80% AUFE rating. It is faithful in its job at delivering efficient, quiet, and warm comfort for the winter months. Its performance boost goes a notch higher for energy efficiency while keeping the humidity at low levels.

The Infinity with Greenspeed heat pumps is taking efficiency to the next level with its optimal variable dehumidification and variable speed compressor. This is one of the Carrier HVAC Products that is a first of its kind because it literally adapts to the needs of your home. This product allows the system to operate in lower capacities which ensures efficiency in energy. No wonder it is called the most intelligent source for its users. The Carrier Infinity 16 central air conditioner allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of an Energy Star qualified cooling system with utmost efficiency and quiet operation.

Carrier Team is Proud to Serve You

The Carrier HVAC Products are testaments of their long-term commitment to their consumers by giving only the best products that matches efficiency, value, and price. Carrier is the expert in home comfort.

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