How Can I Reduce My Energy Costs In The Winter?

Reducing energy costs just requires a little contemplation. By taking several simple steps, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. Winter electricity reduction can be as simple as using certain appliances only when needed.

Reduce energy cost in winter by not using unnecessary appliances. Shut off exhaust fans around the stove in the kitchen and in the bathroom. If you don’t use a room stop heating it. Plug up heating vents and direct the heat to rooms you are using.

Take advantage of nature and the elements that already exist in your home. Sunshine is free and it creates a lot of heat when it is pointing at the Southern facing windows of your home in the winter. At night be sure to close your curtain to preserve the heat generated during the daylight hours. In your home you probably have a little known heating complement in the form of a ceiling fan. When the blades turn clockwise on a low setting, heat is pushed back down into the room, helping the room maintain a comfortably toasty temperature.

Use these simple steps to stay warm when it’s cold outside. Wrap up in a sweater or thermal sweats a keep your feet in thick socks. If you have hardwood or tile floors and even if you have carpeting, add throw rugs for warmth. Make your home even cozier by insulating your home when weather stripping is added to doors and windows stopping drafts.

Keep certain areas clean to keep costs low. Your dyer will need to run longer to dry your thicker winter clothes if you forget to clean the lint trap. Clean the lint trap between dryer loads. Keep your furnace vents and filters clean. This will keep your furnace working efficiently and your costs lower.

There are simple things you can add to help you feel warmer as well. By adding a humidifier, your home will feel warmer without having to turn up the thermostat. Heat always seems warmer when the air is damper.

The basic steps to reduce energy cost are avoided running the exhaust when it’s not needed and shut off the vents in unused rooms. Let the sun warm your rooms and allow your ceiling fans to warm your rooms. Wear warm clothing indoors, stops the flow of cold air with insulation, keep your filters clean and last but not least, make your humidifier do double duty. All these things combine to create a winter electicity reduction.