HVAC TAB Specialists: What Do They Do?

HVAC system testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) is necessary to ensure proper operation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation units. Any resistance to fluid flow distribution can affect the comfort of occupants and the integrity of other building contents.

McMaster attests that there was a time when installers were competent enough to carry out TAB service. As building designs have become increasingly complex, however, HVAC maintenance has become more complicated as well. Hence, TAB specialists were born.

These professionals perform different tasks, including indoor air testing, but they all carry the burden of performing the key functions below.

Laborious Inspection

Despite the convenience of modern technology, half of the job of TAB specialists is physical work. These HVAC experts work just as hard as their tools.

TAB specialists have to personally check large and intimidating pieces of machinery to take measurements of the airflow and conduct tests. Sometimes, these professionals have to repeat certain tasks several times to adjust and balance the HVAC equipment.

Equipment Manufacturer Coordination

The TAB service process is not always straightforward. There are moments when these specialists have to get in touch with the HVAC manufacturer in order to obtain key information about the equipment. The goal of TAB specialists is to make sure heating, air conditioning and ventilation units function as designed, so acquiring machine specifications is a must.

Constant Reporting

TAB specialists have to document everything. They need to report all of their findings, which is harder than it sounds. Combined with the taxing tasks of inspection and testing, reporting can be physically and mentally demanding.

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