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Why Variable-Speed Technology Makes ACs Better

Variable-speed technology is one of the most important HVAC innovations of late. Before its inception, air conditioners had either a single- or two-stage compressor. The first of this type of equipment operates at 100% capacity to reach the temperature level the thermostat demands, while the second provides two options: ON (full capacity) and LOW (from 60% to 70% capacity).

But when it comes to variable-speed compressors, the AC capacity is adjusted based on the cooling requirement. Many heating and air conditioning experts like to compare it to a gas pedal that accelerates the vehicle at speeds relative to the impetus it receives.

Here are a few of the things variable-speed ACs can do much better than units with a single- or a two-stage compressor.

Controlling Humidity

Variable-speed technology allows the air conditioner to run longer, giving it more time to remove moisture from the air. A unit equipped with this technology cools the room more slowly, producing the chilled air at a slower rate in order to better moderate indoor humidity.

Conserving Energy

Innovative variable-speed systems are more likely to reduce the chances of short cycling because they won’t shut off too early and they consume less electricity during operation, improving the space’s level of comfort while economizing on energy.

Ensure Proper Conditioned Air Distribution

A variable-speed compressor also helps eliminate hot and cold spots; because it doesn’t turn off quickly, the cold air is able to cover more ground before stopping.

Minimizing Equipment Wear and Tear

Variable-speed compressors don’t turn on and off between short periods. They start slowly, which means they experience less stress. This is one reason why variable-speed ACs outlive their less advanced counterparts. 

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