The Effects of Excess Humidity in the Human Body

Although humidity is a key factor of indoor air quality, it can be easy to take it for granted. It’s important to understand, however, that it has a direct impact on your comfort and well-being. Experts agree that the optimal humidity level is between 35 to 60 percent, and exceeding this range can pose health problems.

The Effects of High Humidity in Your Body

To get a better picture of how humidity affects your health, it pays to understand how your body regulates your internal temperature. Naturally, you release sweat when your body begins to heat up. This sweat is then evaporated from your skin to cool you off.

When there’s too much moisture in the air, your sweat won’t evaporate, causing you to feel hot and sticky. This means your body needs to exert more effort to cool off, leading to increased sweating and altered blood circulation. Excessive sweating results in loss of water and chemicals that your body needs to perform well, thus putting your health at risk. Bacteria and viruses also take hold in humid conditions.

Apart from discomfort, some of the health issues you might experience include asthma, lethargy, fatigue, and dehydration. When left untreated, you can develop a heat stroke or heat exhaustion as well.

Ways to Address High Humidity

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can take control of humidity indoors. One is you should maintain your air conditioning unit regularly. Scheduling an expert to perform tune-ups and cleaning at least twice a year will help maintain its peak performance, thus keeping humidity levels up to par. Additionally, you should improve your home’s ventilation to keep the stale, warm air from causing illness and discomfort. Open your windows for a few minutes in high-moisture areas like the kitchen and bathroom, or have your HVAC design modified by your trusted contractor. You may also want to consider installing a dehumidifier.

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