Whole Home Humidifiers and Why They’re Important

The level of humidity inside your home affects the overall comfort of everybody in it. Achieving the right amount of humidity can be somewhat of a challenge especially in the winter when your HVAC system continuously pumps out warm but dry air. Dry air not only causes static shock, but it can also make your throat, skin, and eyes feel dry, leading to discomfort and other complications.

Luckily, humidifiers can help you adjust the humidity in your home to a safe and comfortable level. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of humidity and how a whole home humidifier plays a vital role in your home’s comfort and your family’s health.

The Right Amount of Humidity

Most HVAC experts place the right amount of humidity indoors at around 30 to 50%, depending on your own personal preferences. Once this level falls below 30%, you’ll immediately notice dryness in your skin, causing irritation. If you or a family member is suffering from asthma or allergies, dry air can actually exacerbate the symptoms.

Whole Home Versus Portable

A portable humidifier is a device that can control humidity inside a limited space, typically used in bedrooms alone. On the other hand, a whole home system can cover much larger spaces. This type of humidifier works alongside an existing HVAC system and ductwork to control humidity levels throughout your home.

Energy Efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that a 1-degree decrease in your HVAC system’s thermostat can save you up to 3-4% off your energy bill in the winter. A humidifier can save you money because humid air feels warmer than dry air, allowing you to set your thermostat to a much lower level.

Protect Your Home

Your home’s wooden fixtures can also get affected by continued exposure to dry air. Wood beams and even parquet floors lose too much moisture under dry air, causing cracks and damage.

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